When You Feel Safe & Loved..Imperfection can be Beautiful

When I was watching this web series in different parts, the ending almost blew me away. What started off as a short break up, a lot of self doubt, all that just fades away with that one realization that he decides that he wants to give his all and be totally exclusive in the relationship. 

'I want to give you me..that no one else could have'

In real life, when someone changes the whole outlook of your life such as making you change for the better, encourages you to be even better than you already are, love like you had never loved before and make you feel special. If you have found that  person in your life, congrats to you. For those still searching, don't give up hope yet. Fate has this funny thing of uniting two people even in unexpected situations. Sometimes you don't even have to search. It's right under your nose but because we're so caught up with things in life or too caught up finding the 'one', we failed to see that imperfection can be beautiful as well.

I've always had low self-esteem and communication problems with people. From young, I have been a pretty quiet girl. But when I went into the working world, I slowly start to learn to communicate with people. I won't say that I have perfected this art. But yah, cutting the story short, I've always felt a bit different from others. Not so much, like an outcast. Just don't feel wanted.

Still, I sometimes have to fake bravery so that people will notice me, not so much as the clever contributor, or smart conversationalist, but simply know that I'm not invisible. Like, hello..I'm here..sorta thing. So basically, if I ever (I say..if..haha..) gonna pursue a relationship, I just think that it will be challenging for me. I don't know how it's going to be like. I just know that the person must be able to put up with my quirks, my lack of social ability and lastly, make me feel special, loved and wanted.

I don't want to feel like I'm just tagging along in the relationship because he's far better than me. I want him to accept me as who I am, my flaws and all. At the end of the day, whether you're good looking, a social butterfly or a wallflower, know that you are special and unique in your own ways. If he or she make you feel happier than you ever were, challenge you to do the things you are scared of only because it will change your life for the better, encourages you to move forward when things aren't exactly working out or you're feeling down and out, you deserve this special person. Don't short change yourself because you are special too :)

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