How to Be Motivated? Start Now.

The first step is always the hardest. But to me, the best way to get around and be motivated is to just...get up and do it. Then you'll be in the way of things and realize what was the hype all about..haha.

Honestly, I'm not always motivated. I'm on of those who would rather laze on the couch and just sleep through. But I don't want to do that all the time. It's difficult for me to have a quality life if that is what I just want to do. I can't be able to have a sustainable second income from my online shop. I can't get promoted if I keep making mistakes at work. I can't get good grades to get my modular certificate from my studies.

What do I do if I am not motivated the day before? I just do MORE the next day to make up for the so-not-motivated me. But I don't want to always be stuck in a rut like that. I want to be able to keep moving and just do it instead of doing rushed work at the last minute and not being happy with the results. No point waiting for the right hour, the right time of day, simply just get up after a short break and just simply get your things done.

I believe that's how you should lead your life too. No point being a hater and being jealous of their success when you're not doing much to help yourself. I don't want to tell someone that I have a dream to do this or that, or I want to achieve so and so weight, but I am not helping myself.

The one tip I learnt is when you are doing things that may seem mundane or repetitive, but ought to be done to get where you want yourself to be, is to always be EXCITED about it. Excited about riding on the treadmill, eating healthier food, fulfilling an order, getting up earlier to start work, opening up your textbook...just simply be excited about it can make things easier. It breaks down slowly the psychological barrier where you think oh, you'll never achieve it or you're simply too  lazy because no one is going to appreciate it anyway. 

Newsflash. When you put your heart and soul into doing something, every failure, rejection, will not feel so bad because you know you are going to do better the next time and to treat them as a learning point. Then with patience, continued hard work and sometimes even luck, you will experience a great feeling of success that will surpass the feeling of being a failure and being rejected.

Don't wait until the new year to put your plans into action. Start being motivated now and truly enjoy whatever you're doing now to open yourself up to more exciting opportunities ahead.

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