My First School Hols...After So Long!

After soooo long, I finally experienced my first school hols! I think it's after more than 10 years..haha. I wrote about my schooling days pursuing a part-time course in a diploma and man, was it hard. But somehow, surviving. I'm juggling my full time job, my online shop and the part time job. While other people are fast asleep, I'm awake crafting fulfilling online orders or studying for a test or some concepts I'm unclear about especially regarding the excel formulas. It's crazy sometimes but I enjoy it. Well, sometimes..haha.. but I have to be grateful that I can FINALLY continue my studies because it's been made affordable for people like me who struggle at times to make ends meet. It's a good opportunity for me to  get better job offers in the future with a better pay. 

My classmates have been wonderful too. We keep in touch via a whatsapp group chat and you just have to give a shout out for help and there are willing people willing to offer the help you needed. And sometimes, it doesn't even have to be study related as we all come from different fields of customer service. There is even a guy who works in Apple and he can give us discounts if we want to buy Apple products. 

Despite the struggles, I think it can better be managed. I have to learn to make small baby steps in planning. There was a time the class got pretty hard because I was really sketchy on the excel formulas until I told myself, that's it! I am going to read up on it. I should be doing that but well, you know. 

I tell ya it was a big help. I still struggle a bit but it wasn't so major. It was at least more manageable. It helps that I sit beside a classmate who helps me out even though I don't ask for it. Ha, yes it's NOT good to keep to yourself if you are unsure. Just ask away! 

Slowly but surely, I'm getting to know more of my classmates and most of them are really nice. Glad that we're in this together and we hope to graduate together, with the same people 2 and a half year later. Let this be a reality of us.

Meanwhile, here's a collage of me and my classmates attending a wedding at one of our classmates. Thanks for the invite! The food was nice, the setting was gorgeous and the video of how they fell in love was both funny and sweet. 

Hope we all will persevere through this module and our last ICA for the current module.

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