Staff Retreat to...Desaru, Malaysia!

When you think about Desaru in Malaysia, you think of pristine beaches where you can chill and relax. But no, that day, it was raining. Nobody wanted to get down to take pictures unless you count getting down the bus near to the beach for our makan or lunch, haha. I've been to Malaysia at least once for the last almost 5 years and it's always amazing to be back home and appreciating Singapore more. I don't know, I think I'm just not cut out to be staying in a sleepy town where getting basic groceries is like half an hour drive away, haha. But if you like to stay out of congested crowded public places and prefer a more quiet and simple life, probably it's for you. 

So anyway, back to this trip. It was a staff retreat so obviously, it's customary for us to visit places that we would learn from. Of course, there were a lot of things that we learnt but if you ask me what have I learnt from those trips, ostrich egg is equal to 25 chicken eggs! ha..I did learn something, didn't I. Oh yes, from the fruit farm, the knowledgeable guide provided many information about the different types of plants that provide natural remedies to common diseases. But like any modern medicine, there's a limit to how much they can benefit. 

While some things in life are unavoidable like illnesses even though some people may argue that they take care of their life by eating healthy and exercise, it's only a prevention but it's not the ultimate solution. Before you stop exercising and eating junk food, our life is very precious and think about what matters to us most. Our family, our loved ones, friends but most importantly, treasure our life in all its glory, trials and tribulations because we can only become stronger in our heart and mind.

Just like any other tourist attraction places, of course they would want to make money from us by selling products that have this and that benefit but I didn't want to spend so much cash on them. I'd rather use the money I have on clothes :p and okay, maybe things for the family like chocolates and yes, yummy doughnuts! The only things I bought from these places are a bottle of pure pomegranate juice and some fruits, which are so ex here, but cheap over there because they're local fruits.

Enjoy the pics!

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