Musical Trip Down the erm..Downtown MRT Line

We went on another adventure in one of those open houses (yes, we *heart* MRT open houses) and in the first station itself at Bugis, we were treated with three celebrity impersonators, well at least attempted to impersonate, and the more fun part was seeing some people who were asked to be on stage, to be so sporting. I mean, everyone loves doing the Gangnam style, no?

The rest of the time, we were just hopping from one station to another, and stopping at places where we wouldn't have gone to usually like the Chinatown Point and Telok Ayer, which are nearby to each other. It's definitely a change from the usual spots. The shophouses along Telok Ayer were pretty nice and chillax, away from the hustle and bustle of city areas like Orchard Road. It has this nice traditional town vibes. Not too sure if it's about to change with the opening of the downtown line but it could be good business for them. Rental maybe increased too. Oh well, in life you can't have it all I guess.

The open house of the downtown line had each station with its own theme like the 60's theme with  the older generation singing classic Chinese songs; we got the more hip former video jocks hosting the 90s theme and for the 70s theme, Chua Enlai was a natural funny host, who at that time, was conducting a musical chair contest with kids while dressed in an outfit popularized by John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever.

My brother was disappointed we came too late and we didn't get any Goodie bag (unless he did the Gangnam Style on stage..ha!..but he didn't want to) so oh well. He did however went to Chinatown Point and Telok Ayer, which is a highlight for him because he had never gone there before in 18 years of his life. At least I had been there, er..once or twice before.

We also had to take the customary pictures at the fare gate including one cheesy photo. Before we took the photos, there was this one family who took a nice family shot with each one of them lining up at each gate looking at though they were about to tap out. It was nice and we kinda like laughed as it looked fun.

Enjoy the pics!

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