Christmas Light up 2013 & Annual Dinner

Every year, almost everyone comes down to Orchard Road to see the Christmas light ups. This year, the guideline had been pretty strict as in no colours resembling the colours of the traffic light, which is kinda stupid, because the main colours of Christmas is green and red. But still, if you're creative, you won't be limited by such stupid rules. I don't know about how others feel but I kinda got the feeling the budget for Christmas light ups have been reducing in recent times? Last time, they used to have those major Christmas props along the streets and we would go in awe at such displays and take photos every now and then. Now it was like, that is all they had to offer? But the saving grace was the displays outside Ion Orchard. Beautiful garden wintery theme with mazes and lattice awnings (I think that's what they're called..not too sure..ha!), we practically had to wait for others to take photos in them! Still, they were in our photo shots.

Anyway, first we went for our annual bonus dinner. It was the same as last year where we had our dinner at Seoul Garden Takashimaya. This time round, it was pretty noisy and crowded. They cleared our table even without asking, like practically taking plates away and profusely saying sorry because people were waiting to come and eat. Whatever, at least we had our fill.

I didn't buy much clothes this year and my mum was quite puzzled too. Normally, I would do like this one time big purchase thingy with clothes that would last me few months of non shopping for clothes. I dislike buying clothes because first, I'm not good at picking out the right clothes and second, I just find they're pretty stingy with fabric nowadays to give me a more covered top. It's like I don't need to be wearing a too translucent top. So I basically just gone one top from H&M and one skirt from another shop. They each were $20 and $16 respectively so I basically cut off my clothing haul budget to even less than half. Wowza.

This is so funny because this year, my bonus is actually the most I received for all the time I work in the civil service. So even before getting the cheque for my online shop project, I would still have quite a lot of money left from the bonus itself like as though I never touched one month's pay..haha. The only thing I spent a bit more money is on my hobby because usually around this time, they offer discounts and coupons for you to spend er..more I guess? Ha. And this give me a chance to stock up for future orders and also for my own mini album projects.  I still haven't got round to printing the pictures. Soon soon. I just want to get rid of my project 300 the soonest. What's this project about? I'll explain more in due time :)

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures from the sibling's outing on Friday the 13th. No, nothing horrible happened to us that day..haha.

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