Night Festival 2012

I thought I should do two posts before I retire to bed..or rather, I take a quick rest on my bed. 

Last Friday I went to the Night Festival and it was pretty awesome although I think we spent most of our times in the art museum which honestly leaves me half baffled..haha. It was funny though seeing one part of the exhibition using the stop motion with clay figures and it was about a couple who was caught by the police in bed. Oh, the best bit was when an actual couple with twin boys viewed the shorts on a small tv screen and then la la la, like nothing got to the bed scene with the female clay figurine with boobs. And er..the man leaning on to her boobs and u know what happens next. Don't pretend to be all PG 13. The real life couple's reactions? Okay boys, time to divert your attention! It was quite funny especially when one of the twins kinda refused to leave until the father had to physically turn him around.

Now that exhibit came without warning compared to some others which will give some brief notes explaining that it contains nudity and stuffs. Funny. It's like a..surprise! coz honestly I was too. 

Overall I thought it was good but could be better. Then again, lights do take up energy and energy=money so yah, but whatever it is, the whole festival is free so catch it if you can. There will be performances on certain dates and if I'm not around, there is one on the 1st September. You can google fore more info if you want to catch them along with the exhibits themselves.

me! yes of all pics, I chose to write the caption for this only
By the way, none of the photos here are taken with my blackberry in case you are wondering why the quality is sooooo much better.

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