Long Story Short - Hair News

I've had long hair recently and though I've enjoyed the look, I get tired of long hair pretty easily because my hair can never be as nice as others. I don't subject it to regular salon treatment to get it to look nice and shiny. Plus they are often misbehavin' so yah,  it's often ruly and messy.

Anyway, to cut the long story short...heh, I went for a haircut. I mean since J Lo did it anyway to her long locks. But she uses hair extensions so it doesn't really matter but for me, what you see is what you get.

Excuse the big nose..I've got shoulder length hair now!

I specially requested to get it trimmed up to the shoulders and not shorter than that because I find that I don't suit such short hair anymore as I've got a chubby face. The wispy ends are natural curls by the way.

The only thing I dislike but am starting to get over it is the fringe because it has been trimmed way too short. I thought heck, go for a change but it was a bit too short! :s But knowing how quickly my hair grows, it shouldn't be a major problem as long as I can still sweep it at the side.

There are moments of course when I missed my long hair but well, a change is always good right? My friends didn't comment on them but I guess because I've pre-empted them that I will be going for a haircut soon.

So what'cha think? hee..

They say that Hari Raya is a time of forgiveness and a time of reflection especially after a month of fasting. How you want to lead your life towards a more spiritual you and being closer to God knowing how other poor people suffer in other countries living without food and water almost on a daily basis unlike us for just this one month. It's also a time to bring the family ties closer especially when you don't always get to meet one another due to our busy every day schedules.

I badly want to be successful and hoping that one day, my card business will take off. Hoping that someone will take notice of my card designs, buy a bunch or order custom made ones from me and I make some moolah out of it. For now it's so quiet. There's been interest but it doesn't last which is sad for me but I want to persevere and hope for the best and continue to improve my trade.

Let this month be a turning point for me :)

I make cards..help support me! http://www.facebook.com/mylittlecardshop


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