Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hari Raya Dishes for 2012

I wanted to post about the food we ate during the fasting month but well, my handphone was having some problems. But I guess it's a bit too late now since we are already in the month of Hari Raya. So these are what my mum had cooked for us :)

The glorious food

satay goreng or fried beef in spices

satay sauce

ayam masak merah or chicken cooked in chili

sambal goreng or well..I don't know how to translate this

eaten with lontong or rice cakes

The best thing about these dishes is that they're not really as tongue wagging spicy as a typical malay dish and also there's no coconut milk! Honestly I thought it's way impossible to NOT eat dishes that do not contain this ingredient and if you are a regular reader, you will know that I shun coconut milk...haha.

But my mum managed to do it. I think I should thank the cooking show Ketuk Ketuk Ramadan from Malaysia hosted by a popular actress and celebrity cook Sheila Rusly. She doesn't use coconut milk in her dishes and she uses this condensed milk who is the main sponsor. They are to use this ingredient in most of their dishes. I can't remember the name but for my case,  we used the low fat condensed milk.

So as I mentioned on my facebook, I don't go house visiting nor do I have guests coming over but we still have the Hari Raya spirit going on all thanks to my mum who made an effort to cook for us these yummy dishes. Also she made me watch Hari Raya specials as well.

How's your celebration been?

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