Being Bugged to Death

I actually wanted to blog about the pictures I took when I was at the two makeshift bazaars but I'm having some problems uploading the photos from my blackberry. Remind me to upgrade to a better blackberry next year..haha.

Anyway, the show must go on. 

I will write about something that irritates me although I understand the intentions of these two people but it annoys me that they are pretty insistent..or shall I say VERY insistent that I sign up so that I can buy their health products and then make a living out of it as in make a lot of money. 

Now I mention this a couple of times before and I felt I was duped by them when they insisted I see them and listen to them. I knew these kind of people will be very persistent but I have to stick my guns. I kept turning them down and they kept asking them to give them a chance to listen to the various people whose lives have turned around by taking part in this 'project life' where they start to earn a lot within 2 years or even less than that.

I DO NOT deny that this project can earn money and depending on how hard you work at it, and how thick skin you are in consuming and promoting these products at the same time, you can make it. Similar to life itself when you work hard, you will reap the success. But honestly, it's not everybody's cup of tea. I barely have enough to survive, these products are not that cheap and how else do I convince people but to simply buy and then tell the whole world how beneficial these health products are? 

Still, they don't get it!!!!

Sigh, she sent me two messages and I chose to ignore and just now she was in the office and I didn't even say anything. I tried to be nice and all but it's a bit too much lah when they just DON'T get the message. Of all people, they have to bug me. I know I am struggling in life and like I said, I don't deny that some people's lives are turned around 360 degrees by embarking on this project but I just could not make it lah. Look at me. I have a personality of a cardboard too...haha. I just am not aggressive and persuasive enough. 

I know I'm being bad by not replying to her messages and not talking to her at the moment unless I really have to because I just want her to STOP bugging me. She is aware of it and her intention was to just get me to attend their conference and listen to the testimonials live. You think they can let me get away with it, is it? They asked me to listen to their business proposal at no obligations and see la, they kept bugging me. Attend their conference? Even worse. 

I didn't even read through her messages thoroughly and just glance through about wanting to meet up with me outside and then try to convince me. If she's successful then good for her. They have good intentions but if someone is really not interested, please get the message...*sigh*


I make support me!


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