Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Advertorial: Little Card Shop

Just a quick post to updates you regarding my online shop. I have been posting new cards for sales and they're just so different than other generic cards or even some handmade cards that are creative but still leaning towards the style of generic cards. I actually breathe art into them..haha. Things I say to self promote my shop.

Anyway, here's the birthday cards I've made in line with celebrating our nation's birthday though not directly connected.

I've made use of some of the new stamps which I actually just bought at only $2 each for each set! I will show the things that I've bought recently to help me make my cards. Recently there was also a National Day sales and I got the items at a less discount of 47%. Worth it, I tell ya because many of the materials are not cheap. If I couldn't sell these cards, I will give to my colleagues at work as part of their birthday month. I will still be paid so it's okay for me. It's not like a free giveaway...haha.

See my sidebar? Click either one to purchase. I accept paypal payment as well for international buyers at an additional price of SGD$5.00 (5.00/1.3=US$3.85) for registered postage. Inside of the cards are plain but you can request to have a personalized message to be included inside. Normal mail is free for local posting if you 'like' my facebook page.

Another great promotion..buy all for less! Instead of paying $4.00 each, you will only pay $3.50 each provided ALL cards are bought in this new collection.

Come and look look see see..no obligations! :)

I make cards..help support me! http://www.facebook.com/mylittlecardshop

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