Saturday, August 04, 2012

Goodbye to My Dearest Sofa

They mean it when they say it's hard to say goodbye to something that you have grown close to over the years even though it is starting to be so worn out and pieces of it started to come out and you have to remove one of the arms.

Eh, sounds like a setting of a zombie love story movie.

I am saying goodbye..or rather, have said such a sad goodbye to my lovely formerly green couch.

This picture was taken downstairs at the void deck when me and my mum brought it down (it was rather heavy though). Whenever my friend couldn't contact me and it was still early in the night such as 10 plus, she just got this stinkin' suspicion that I am fast asleep on this sofa. You have no idea, despite its look, it is THE most comfortable sofa eva!

Of course over the years, one of the arms had to be ripped off because it was already tearing. So the mattress will always seem to move forward when we lie down as there was no support.

Such an emotional moment for me and my brother. I bought it with my first bonus when I was working in my previous job. But good things have to come to an end...especially if my mum has been nagging non stop for it to be thrown away and good riddance, replaced with a rather new bed from the other room which we bought but never really slept on it..heh.

How can we not? I hate beds because I er...broke several in the past including my friend's queen size bed. Go figure. 

Anyway, so I got this phobia. Plus previously my bed was also attacked by bed bugs. So after that I switched to a cheap mattress and sleep on the floor. Even then also it gave way and again, my mum asked me to throw it and then replace it with another mattress bought by my aunt when she came over here to sleep. 

So now even though I have a proper bed, for the whole week I still use the same mattress to sleep. I use it as some sort of day bed though when I reach home after work, watch tv, have dinner, surf net and then lie down on it. However yesterday I slept full on because my floor is still a cluttered mess after we did some shifting and have no place to put the things.

Plus I wanted to see how comfy it was sleeping on it throughout the night. Don't think it will ever happen again..haha. We shall see. Only time can tell if I ever get used to this bed and then one day, perhaps it will be a good replacement for my former sofa.

I make support me!

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