Does Karma Bite Back? Plus A Financial Plea

Sometimes I wonder if karma truly bites back. People say that God won't test you more than you can bear but sometimes it's really unbearable and I don't know if it is because of things that we do that make it twice as hard to cope. Like does this money woes stem from my dishonesty? I've been living an honest life but there are certain times I feel like I have cheated on my good records. Then I felt if you realize your mistakes, things will get easier and even better for you. I don't wish to elaborate much on what I've done that makes me think if this is karma. Maybe I'm just thinking too hard and that I know not everyone has an easy life especially in terms of finance.

As selfish as this may sound, at times you DO have to think about your own priorities. After all, you have to keep a look out for yourself first, learn to manage your own self before you can dish out advice to others or help others. My life is a mess and I do hope that there is this one fine day I don't have to worry about my personal finances. I've tried to start a business but I feel like I'm losing hope in trying to make it work. Honestly I don't ask for much. At least an extra $100 can go a long way. 

But maybe it's that mentality where I think okay, $100 is fine. However if I truly want to succeed, I have to think big and long term. In other words, I must have big dreams. Steve Jobs said that if you are truly passionate about something, you will overcome the obstacles that come your way. Success doesn't come overnight.

However, God is fair. If He feels that you are doing your best, you are truly sorry in what you've done and you are willing to change for the better, He will help you along in the process. Even if you don't believe in God, you should still be thankful in life and also learn to be blessed with what you have instead of always thinking of things that you can't get and are nearly impossible to get. 

While I am sad that things are pretty messy in my life right now, I still have to go on and be on top of things rather than being bogged down with worries. I should strive to look for solutions rather than thinking that things can't possibly get better.

Can I make one plea? I'm currently facing some financial crisis and it will be a great help for you to contribute some donation for me and my family. Later my brother will be going for his medical check up and I have no idea how much I have to pay.

If you are living in Singapore, you can transfer to my POSB savings account at 193198295. If you are overseas, you can transfer through paypal. My email address is

No obligations but it will be great if you could help and I am greatful for any amounts.

I will offer you my thanks in advance and personally thank you after that too.

I make support me!


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