Fasting Month & Business Updates

It has been awhile since I've blogged. I actually did two drafts but it was practically talking about the same thing that I've talked about before..many times...but I've decided to stop whining and just do one thing that makes me happy and fulfilled. These last two weeks I've been busy making handmade greeting cards, taking photos, editing (my editing is very very minimal) and then uploading to the facebook. Then I took wait..two steps further, by introducing a blog and an official online shop that has a carting system where you select and then it goes to your cart.

I thought that I don't want to keep whining about money quickly going down the drain no matter how MUCH effort I put in to try to spend as little as I can. There is no way if you have three mouths to feed and you are the sole breadwinner. 

All I know is that I wanna be as successful as people like facesbysarah who at a young age of mid twenties garner attention on her make up talents. She can absolutely transform an ordinary plain looking girl (with sometimes bad skin) into one of the most gorgeous bride. Really talented girl. I wanna be known for my one of a kind handmade cards which have been described by a facebook user as 'vintage looking'. I actually didn't think of that..haha. Sarah is known for her bold colours while other people prefer a more natural muted make up which is nice but kinda boring at times especially if every bride pretty much looks the same.

Last government's payout in the form of GST voucher has been used to buy cookies..or rather forced to buy cookies for Hari Raya. They are meant for my colleagues but just like the earlier year, if cannot finished which is for sure, will bring home and be our cookies instead. They are not cheap though. 3 bottles cost me $56.  A bit much for me and I could have bought new clothes. But it is during such period, Muslim families will spend a fairly bit more on food during the fasting month, decorations for the house and cookies and cakes for the guests. A lapis cake (layered cake) can cost up to $50 depending on the variation. It is also the time when sellers will jack up the prices of food including cakes and cookies. 

You can easily burn your money if everything seems delicious to you and you can end up spending more. Worse, not all food including food for break fast sold at the makeshift bazaar and food stalls are consumable :S They are food all right but uhm, you can easily get cheated because the food may turn out bad.

I still manage to save just a bit but yah like I said, it's hard to save when I don't earn much and my family relies on my pay. But I don't want to whine again and I must believe that money is just enough as long as I learn to spend wisely and also learn to make money. My aim is to make at least $50 in a month which means I just have to put in extra effort.

Pretty much like losing weight. If you keep whining you are putting on weight and clothes don't fit you well as the last time and then you still continue with your unhealthy eating habits and not exercising. Same routine.

Oh yes, I also returned back my aunt's money of $200. Lucky thing she lent my mother $100 but decided to give the money instead and I used it to pay part of the $200. She said that she don't need the money to be returned quickly and then this month because she overspent her income made from selling things on facebook, I had to pay her back pronto. Oh well. I knew such things will happen because she's quite a spendthrift. My mum used to be like that but she has learn to control and not spend unnecessarily because money is hard on us. For my aunt is the same thing too because her husband is a barber and his earnings depend on the customers and even then there are barbers in the shop as well so it's more like shared earnings. She is also not working and relying on the selling her suppliers' things online. But it doesn't stop her from spending unnecessarily. Oh well, what can I say.

This month I have no safety net to rely on and later this month, my brother also have an appointment with the hospital for his asthma check up. It will be his first time having his check up at a different hospital because he is over the age for the children's hospital. But it's not our first time being at that hospital. I have to set aside money for it. At the same time too, I hope by then I get paid for my birthday cards from my Vice Principal. At least $50 is fine. She can pay two months for all I care which is better..haha.

Oh yes, next post will be picture heavy. Just to let you in on what food we have bought during the fasting month.

Just less than a week more to go. For all my muslim readers, we can do it!!

I make support me!


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