Monday, June 11, 2012

Moolah from Card Making

I've made some moolah recently :) ... and it has nothing to do with my pay, which by the way is tomorrow if I can go through the day doing same ol' same ol' boring work, haha.

THAT moolah came from the vice principal of my school who has paid in advance two months of birthday cards even though I politely declined but she was hesitant. She is paying more than what I charge for but probably she does it because she wants to help me out too, I don't know.

Honestly I was really nervous about the principal signing on my cards and then thinking, uhm..what are these? I know he's a very particular man and during his leadership, he hasn't renewed the contracts of two managers at my workplace. Ouch. And one of them has served the school for more than 10 years. He really means business :S

So I was nervous in the sense that he wouldn't want me to make cards anymore. I won't feel offended because I can find other channels to spread the words about my card making business. Plus it is not always appropriate to sell your wares at your workplace. I heard a lot whispers in my vice principal's room when he was inside and I thought, I guess he has seen my cards and I don't know whether he was pleased about it. Then later on, he asked me to come in.

Then he started asking me if I sell them? I had to be honest and said that I sell them on facebook, supposedly but haven't made any money. Then he asked me how much I charge? After that he asked if I can make for him the card, but smaller and with no wordings infront. He wants 20 of them so he will PAY ME in total $80.

$80! *heart drops* He asked if it is correct and my brain just froze to even do some simple calculations, haha.

Yay!!!! Thank you God! Then shortly later my VP gave me $100 to make cards for the next two months.  You can't imagine how thrilled I am that someone of the highest post in the school wants ME, the nobody, to make cards for him! This money will be placed into my other savings account and to be used only for myself including buying the supplies for card making.

I am so egg-cited thinking and at the same time, nervous about it, heh. At first my efforts were pretty slow because I haven't made cards in a while except for two and they're not for sales. But then I have picked up speed and have made 10 cards..half of what I am supposed to make, within 2 days. Later in the day, one of the teachers is going to pass to me her border puncher because I can't afford for now and I told her that I need to make a bunch of cards for the principal.

Now that I have learnt to control time in making cards so that I can make more cards in a short period of time and to keep it to just half an hour max per card so that I can make at least 2 cards in an hour. I am bracing myself for future bulk orders.

So here's a little promo. Please help me spread the words around about my humble facebook page. If you want me to help you make handmade cards for your company or for your friends, colleagues or relatives and you need a bunch of them, I accept bulk orders now :) But since I am working full time and reach home pretty late, at the moment I can only accept advance orders and up to a maximum number of 50 cards per order.

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