Sunday, June 24, 2012

Advertorial: Bulk Orders for My Little Card Shop

Recently I mentioned about my Principal buying cards for me..all 20 of them! I am so happy because it helps to pave the way in slowly increasing my income and also helping me to pay for expenses so that I can start saving up with my salary.

I hope to make this into a successful business and get it registered soon once it has taken off. Of course I will still stick to my day job. You can say this is a night routine..heh. So night-ish that I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to complete my orders and then had a bit of flu.

So yah, the body needs a bit of adjustment but we will get there.

I really need to get more orders so if you are reading this blog, please help me to share this post :)

Need personalized cards for your company for some special event or to simply say thank you or happy birthday to your colleagues? Drop me a note at rahayupopz(a)gmail(.)com

I can take up to 50 cards per order as you know, I'm still working in the day and come home only at night. But if there is a need to make more than that, I can work around the schedule.

These are the cards I have made so far for my first ever bulk order for A6 size cards (a quarter of an A4). They are made to order so you can't find them on the facebook page. I've been kinda busy doing them so I have yet to make cards for my blog itself but am hoping to do from tomorrow onwards as I am finishing up with my monthly card orders. This time round, 16 of them. 6 more to go today!


Please support me :)

If you are keen, either drop me a page or go to my facebook page (on the right side) My Little Card Shop and drop me a PM or to see other work samples.


I make support me!

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