Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finally, New Salary In & All the Hoopla

I've got my first pay since the promotion :) and then after doing my calculations and paying the outstanding bills, realized not much left as I expected as there are some things I just had to pay to resume the service. I didn't get the additional $1500 as backdated pay since Feb as I had chosen to accept the promotion. Who in the right mind will reject a promotion. As I've mentioned umpteenth times in my blog, when you work in the ministry, there's always a trade-off, haha. But thankfully, I got some moolah from cardmaking which help to add up a bit. I hope I can see this as a successful venture.

When you are passionate about something, you jump through hoops to get to what you want. Sacrifices need to be made but they will be worth it when you get rewarded in due time. Meanwhile, I encourage you to  find something that you love doing and even if people put you down saying you can't make it, if you don't try you won't know. Even if it doesn't turn out to be successful the point is, you learn. 

I realize something about me..and uhm so do the rest of my family members. When I have little or no money, it's like I want to go get this or get that and then when it is time to number crunch and seeing the final figure, my heart sinks and then suddenly my shopping list gets very short or go *poof*. Still, you can say I am one of those who spend on her hobby which is of course buying materials for my card making. I'm still pretty much a scrooge when it comes to this choosing to not spend over a certain amount which isn't much to begin with or willing to queue for the bargain. 

Just yesterday a colleague introduced me to two closed groups on facebook where they de-stash and sell them for much less. Like wow. I couldn't tell you yet how much I spent as it excludes postage but probably Ill meet up with her or something. If it excludes postage, then it will be $9.50 for two sets including some freebies thrown in. If you see the things that she posted, you will be surprised that at such price she's very generous with her items.

I believe this is perfect for me because I already vouch that with this new salary amount, I will be more careful and finally learn to save properly. Yes, the word 'save' is a big word. I will only enttle myself to ONE make up item only and I mustn't be greedy in the sense that just because every other girl who is into beauty wants it, I should get it. I will pretty much treat them like my clothes. Make use of what I have first. If there's a need to buy from a collection, just get one or two colours from the collection that I know I will use and again, don't be greedy to grab some more. I am no make up artist and so I don't need so much things as I have no victims clients to practice my sub par make up skills. For someone who hardly wear make up, doesn't make sense to have soooooo many things.

Sorry, sometimes I need to tell myself these things as 'gentle reminders'..ha!

Next month there will be an additional raise as well but isn't much. Probably to top up my bus fare..haha. Better than nothing right?

Moving on, I realize that there is a lot of hoopla online about people over reacting to certain things and then doing things that they think are justified though many will disagree that it's a bit much. Either they don't realize that they are over reacting or they just want to seek attention. So it's like swinging to the extremes when you imagine it as a pendulum.

But whatever the hoopla, one thing I learn from this is that there are people who do what they want to do or say what they want to say. It can be mind boggling knowing such people exist who thrive on making other people's lives a misery or they are just tactless. The right thing to do is not to ignore them but to educate them. However when we educate them, we tell them nicely and not make matters worse like blowing it out of proportion. 

I don't wish to get into details what I'm rambling about but if you DO know, I'm just giving my two cent's worth. No point joining the torch carrying mob when the person doesn't learn and that we're merely fighting fire with fire. It's only natural we get angry and easily provoked but the mind is a powerful thing. It's up to us whether we just want to get carried away or be more tactful about the situation.

Take the chill pill. I'm sure if we don't our anger in the way, things can be solved amicably.

Alright..sleepy time. Adios peeps!


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