Hoping the Dark Clouds WIll Go Away

I've got a lawyer's letter telling me that I've got this much to pay and...worst of all, my mum found out coz the letter was sent to my home.

I had never experienced such severe hardship last year and I had never got myself into such a huge mess. So much so I had to ask for financial assistance. I recently asked again and I'm hoping that they will approve my application.

My mum was of course angry with me at first for keeping things quiet about this but I told her I've got no choice. I was so hard up last year. I would totally understand her confusion and anger. I promise her that I will pay and come clean about this matter.

Just last week, my savings account was deducted of $270 by another bank to settle yet another outstanding amount. Though I was totally heartbroken, I guess it was for the best because it is really no point owing so much.

With this new pay raise, I will learn to be more frugal and concentrate on paying all my credit card bills. Don't want to owe anymore. I hope that when I call them, they allow me to make suitable payment arrangements rather than paying all at one go. I will just die if i have to do that.

But with every thing that happen, there is a learning  point. Recently an ex principal who took part in vices owned up to his mistakes, was really sorry to his wife and family and went to jail paying for his mistakes. Though his future is uncertain, at the very least he learnt his lesson. I wish all the best and all the happiness.

Meanwhile, I want to attain my own happiness. I learn that being frugal (or cheap) isn't something I should be ashamed of. Money isn't the only answer to happiness. Being debt free allows me to be happier even if I have to cut down my shopping expenses or household expenses.  I want to be able to save for rainy days.

I hope to get over these dark days soon and finally enjoy the fruits of my labour with new salary. I don't want to cause any trouble to my family. I'm really sorry for the things I've done and for causing unnecessary worry for my mum :(

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