Close Shave with Food Poisoning & Secret Forums

I thought I was going to have another bout of food poisoning when my stomach felt so funny although I didn't feel like I was so bloated and wanted to throw up kind. Anyway glad that this was just a short episode and not draggy after applying some medicated oil and before that, uhm..clear the contents, heh.

The other day I was saying that I came across these two closed groups on facebook introduced by a colleague of mine and I was pretty bummed that the kits were bought by one single user already although she didn't state exactly that she wanted to buy them all. Still she was the first one to comment so oh well. 

Anyhoot, the seller was kind enough to send me a private message saying that she got another 5 kits and they're better and she can send me the pics if I want. So she did although during that period of time I was sleeping coz my stomach was acting up. More on that later. I ended up wanting the first 3 kits that cost $5 each. Drats. Here I am trying to save up some moolah although it's pretty interesting that with my new salary amount, it's slightly unbelievable  I still got this much left after giving my mum and my brother their new amounts for the monthly maintenance allowance. Digressed there a bit. Oh, earlier on I bought a bunch of papers and a sticker set from another seller and it costs me just $8! Looks like I don't have to go down to the paper stores to get my supplies which I usually do come every pay day. This time Rahayu goes cheap.

I would understand how people are willing to fork out money easily on their hobbies that if not controlled, hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be spent. I read with some amusement the comments left on how the potential buyers had to consult the husband first before buying this $20 item and then coming back saying husband said no. My colleague remarked that well, she had to keep her stash away without her husband knowing too. So much so, her latest loot had to be mailed to my place and given to her later so that her husband won't find out.

I don't have a husband but that's usually the reaction my mother gives with my make up loot which I often buy online and is TRYING MY VERY BEST to curb. Somehow, she always find out if I got new items. Don't ask me how she does it. It is very very hard but as mentioned earlier, I figure that unless I am a make up artist and if I can make use of my existing stash, I shouldn't waste money on it. I'm still gunning one more of the maybelline tattoo cream shadow though.

Honestly after this mini venture with the forum sales, I should stay away from it. I also hope the seller, whom I gave my number too (quite a mistake on my side) won't keep whatsapping me to sell her kits but post online. I don't think she will though because of course as a seller I want to post it on the facebook wall where all can see.

Okay back to my tummy woes. I don't know if it is because of the red velvet frozen yoghurt which I had and actually I was supposed to buy the subway tuna sandwich because I always do that whenever I get my pay..well not all the time. Somehow I wanted to eat that yoghurt instead. That or because earlier on the security guards gave me a few packets of herbal tea that is called bioslim tea or something as I mentioned the day before about my ex colleague wanting to offer me two boxes of this slimming shake which I was very hesitant but she was so insisting even though she also said she didn't want to force me. (???) The herbal tea supposedly will clear my stomach and I had it that evening. 

Look there is no short cut to success in losing weight but sometimes we need a bit more of help although I still think slimming pills are a no no. Healthy supplements can boost weight loss but always take things with caution and observe if it makes you ill or uncomfortable.

I believe I should end my spree right here right now but I'm still on a lookout for a clear stamp with big flower images which they sell like hot cakes on the forum. Not just that they sell really fast like the next second they post up, someone has her hand on it already. I believe their facebook is always on standby..haha...unlike me, where I often off the data mode to save battery life.

I have worked out a weekly budget which I hope with my toes and fingers crossed, I don't veer away from it too much. AS USUAL I have to pay this or pay that and right now I am extremely careful with my groceries purchase as prices have increased and it is easy to stray from what we plan to buy and little costs do add up. I know because sometimes I'm glad I put some things back or I will end up going over my budget. I still remember last time, I could just live with $70 per week to cover household expenses. Can I have those days back? haha.

So in life I believe, you have to learn to make do with what you have if this is already the best that you can have. Also, I believe that we must think ahead or think twice especially when it concerns money because very easily we can stray.

I should probably get some rest. Pretty bummed that I can't make cards today because I felt so sick just now. Oh well, later have to really push on and finish up on time.

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