Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Financial Dilemma and Network Marketing

I hate to get myself into a financial dilemma even though now I'm earning slightly more because I still have debts to pay. Estimated to hopefully clear by end of this year though. Lesson learnt: not to play with fire when it comes to debt.


Anyhoo, just a week ago, I was so upset and actually cried because after so long of not being able to deduct from my savings account, one of the credit card companies managed to do so and they took a hefty $270 which is the minimum amount to pay. I was also upset because my aunt was kind enough to transfer $200 to me for the utilities bill as they had called me to inform about the outstanding utilities bill and how my house electricity is liable to be disconnected if I don't make an almost immediate payment of $280. I could only afford the $80 so imagine how upset I was when my aunt had transferred the money and then this stupid bank had to deduct through GIRO.

I didn't tell my mother about my debt but told her that the telco company was the one who deducted the money and don't know why but she told my aunt who then called me if the money that she loan to me was the one which was deducted. I said yes but I didn't want another loan from her because I'm already struggling as it is. But she was kind enough to still transfer some money to me. She also promised not to tell my mum because my mum will get so worked up. She said I could pay her by installments. Actually I enlisted someone else to help me pay for the bill first and I didn't need the money but she was insistent so I just plan to keep the money and then give her back later when I get my pay so that it seemed like I paid using my salary.

So people, my one single advice to you is...if possible, get a debit card and NOT a credit card. No fun owing money if you can't afford it. I may have said this before and I've said it again because at this point of life, you should be saving for your future instead.

In my previous post remember I mentioned about this meeting with an ex colleague who wanted me to hear out from  her business partner regarding a business proposal. It's related to health products and how I actually can make moolah out of it and it's no joke the amount of money I can make out of it. I remembered very clearly she wanted to also offer me two boxes of the health products claimed to aid in weight loss and seeing the pics, it truly does work provided you are disciplined enough, in terms of your food intake and exercise.

What did I get? Just a sample pack after hearing about forty minutes on her 'business proposal'.

Honestly I don't judge them. To me, there are some truth behind it in the sense that if you wanna be successful, you have to be willing to work hard. In this case, you have to work hard at building your customer base, which also means taking their products and be a living testimonial on how these things work.

Unfortunately, you need to invest in these products and I can't afford to do so. One box of this slimming health product is...$170?! Meant for one month of usage. To really see the difference, you have to take for about 3 months. To upkeep the weight loss, you need to take it regularly.

There are other health products as well in this line but honestly, I'm the last person you wish to convince regarding these products. Why? To me, they're just an additional aid. Do you think that by continuing to eat food high in fats, smoking and not exercising at all, you are doing justice to yourself? To me, they are not miracle products. I don't doubt their properties but just like their disclaimer, it shouldn't be the one all and be all. You still need to be disciplined at it AND..it doesn't guarantee that you will be risk free from the major illnesses.

My take? If it works for you and you have the moolah to spare because they're not that cheap, then go ahead. The making of additional income is an added bonus and can give you financial freedom IF you are willing to work very hard at building up your customer base and along the way, you also have to be uhm..thick skinned. You have to be convincing. With my shy shy personality, you think I can make it big through this network marketing? Actually I don't understand why they don't wish to be called as that but they really are. I guess because of the stigma behind network marketing. 

But then again don't ruin friendships as this highly possible because in a bid to attain your financial freedom, you kinda become pushy when you try to sell your products. And oh, don't give empty promises -_- (yes I'm still upset I didn't get the two boxes in advanced, as promised).

But whatever. I saved $340 for not getting them. 

Look I don't wish to be very skinny but being like J Lo is good..heh. She looked good then and she looked EVEN BETTER now even when she has reached her forties and have two kids. I don't even have kids and I'm just 30 and it's a long and sickening road to be slimmer. 

I've got the butt I think and I think they're pretty shapely..hahaha. I don't think I go on the cross trainer without any results. I wish they're a bit smaller though so it's not too 'out there'. It used to be a lot bigger and I have to wear very long unshapely t shirts to cover it up because it wasn't just big but saggy looking. 

Okay relating to one incident, this sounds disgusting but there was this random white guy who walked infront me at the tunnel leading to Wisma Atria in Orchard Road and he turned behind and gave me a thumbs up. I doubt he was referring to my front though :S

Weird. Weird. Weird.

Just now I've heard good advice from a teacher who took these products but who doesn't promote them to me. She said that yes they can make us lose weight but ultimately it's up to us to be disciplined and we have to still watch what we eat and gave some good dietary advice. I think one of the many reasons why I haven't been successful at losing weight is because I have become a heavy snacker of useless products like chocolate biscuits which at one point, I used to shun as let's face it, they contain a lot of sugar. I used to carry one tub of digestive biscuits in my bag as snacks rather than chocolates and then now I seem to want to eat chocolate every day. Sometimes you don't realize that small things like this add up calories.

So I've vowed to stay clean and away from them and eat healthier snacks such as nuts and wholewheat digestives. Cut down on fried food and sugary food. I've also learnt to pick up pace when I walk home after work rather than taking a leisurely stroll and just now I did sweat as compared to previously where I barely sweat. I also didn't eat rice just now because my mother didn't cook her usual healthy fare and had to rely on store bought fried snacks which I only nibbled but don't eat like two or three pieces in one go.

I believe small changes can go along way. Just as we make small changes in life in terms of finance, health, relationships and etc, we can be better off and enjoy life more.

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