Monday, June 11, 2012

Hate to Be Forced

My blog is getting more boring, huh? 

Anyway, my mind has recently been blank on what to write, not that it is completely blank...haha. 

I've been pretty upset that things haven't been going well for me in terms of weight loss. Then during a meet up with an ex colleague recently, halfway talking she said that she's now doing something else to make additional income because she can't survive on her current pay. CANNOT SURVIVE?! Hello, she's a degree holder now and earning much more than she used to when she worked at my workplace. But then again, she's quite a spendthrift.

So she said she has something to show and it's a matter of whether I am interested or not. I kinda suspected what she wanted to say and I said no...BUT..she still went ahead :S Therefore then with her ipad she was showing me this slimming product which is like a shake and you are supposed to drink it before a meal and at least twice a week. If you are on facebook and in Singapore, you will probably see this kind of things where they promote their incredible weight loss within a short period of time.

It's something like multi level marketing, which I HAVE NO INTEREST IN. I know they can make money out of it and it's serious money, I tell you but you must be really really competent and uhm, forceful in selling your products? I don't know. I obviously cannot do this kind of thing judging from my shy personality.

Now I feel like a guinea pig to her. She said umpteenth times that she doesn't force me and it's not cheap. $160 per box?! Siao (crazy / loco). She knows my financial situation being a sole breadwinner so she is willing to sponsor first the two boxes and if I have the money and the product works for me, then I will pay her back.

I am currently up to my neck already with loans and credit card bills and now this?! I thought that she will forget about it and then out of nowhere she called me last Friday stating that she wants to meet me. I made it clear that I am NOT interested in the business aspect but she seemed forceful in a sense she said that I just have to listen and then I can decide later. It's also for her to learn how to market it. Honestly I don't want to waste her time and her business partner's time. I do have a lot of problem for the past year and a half losing weight and it's almost like a losing battle for me..but  nothing to do with losing the fats. But still...

I really am so hesitant and she knows my hesitance and yet she still wants me to have the products. Look, I don't care if I have problems losing weight unlike the last time. She said she won't force me but she almost sound like she did when she messaged me and part of the message read 'Listen can?'
I thought she wanted to meet me to console me after my facebook rant about me not feeling like I belong to this workplace. Why can't she find someone else that can AFFORD it and has the right attitude and personality to attract people.

WHY ME? The one who is already struggling as it is. I know she is saying that it is a good source of income but then out of the many people who join this multi level marketing, how many are actually so successful?

I don't deny that perhaps it was my excitement seeing the pictures of people who have successfully lost weight trying this product. But you will be awed too if you were to see the before and after pictures. I did say I could not afford it and she didn't deny that it was pricey. Look, if I have to pay that much every month to lose and then maintain it, I'd rather be fat like I am now..haha.

If she is SO forceful, I will just take the damn products and also take my own sweet time paying her back. Let me see how it goes. I will probably just drop her an sms message that I honestly cannot afford it. If she still wants me to have her products first, then really, I will take my own time paying her back. I have other things to pay for god's sake!

Eurgh..remind me why I am still in touch with her?

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