Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spur of the Moment

You know one of the things I find most annoying is people throwing me questions after questions which make me rethink again and that annoys me coz I mean, being human, you tend to make spur of the moment decision or a split second decision that may not have a strong basis to it. For example, okay you thought of going to Long John Silver to grab a bite and then decided, have KFC instead then. But going out with this one friend of mine can be quite frustrating coz she likes to backtrack my previous decision with question after question like 'I thought you want to go Long John?'....'You sure u dont want to go Long John?'....'I give you a choice. You want to go Long John or you want to go KFC?'....'You want to go in and take a look at both first and then we decide what you want'....Sigh, just because at some point in time earlier, I wanted to go Long John doesnt mean I just HAD to go there. People change decisions so just get on with the plan ah. It's not like Im making some life making decision or something.

I mean seriously, I am not someone whom I describe must strictly follow what I do. If I dont mind it, I'll say 'ok' or 'anything' but if I seriously dont want it, I will also say. Why cant some people just get on with the programme?!

I know she has an analytical mind that get on my nerves at times especially when everything I say or do have to be followed by concrete logic and reasoning and also with the notion that one is always right. Like when I say I prefer taking a bus back home from say, City Hall, because it's just one straight route home rather than taking the train, it's just a personal preference. And she was like..why not you take the train....and I said I have to drop at another station, cross over and then take another train followed by a bus upon getting down from the train. So she gave me another option which was to walk all the way to Clarke Quay and take the train so I dont need to change train because from Clarke Quay mrt, it goes all the way straight without having to change. I said I still have to take bus later and then before that, walk?! I know Im used to walking but it's already quite late and by the time I walk, I wont be able to reach home by my intended time. You know, sometimes you dont need super thorough reasonings for everything that you think, say or do.

So that was followed by a flurry of questions and 'I dont understand' moments with her which she tends to do. Seriously, I know I am not the world's most decisive person and I do make mistakes too like overcalculating the estimated distance. Once, I thought of getting down at the bus interchange and then cross over and take a bus to Kovan but another person (not her) said like hey, why not you get down before that since it's nearer to the MRT and faster to reach? So Im like..'yah, why didnt I think of that?'...and she said well, it's better coz it saves time.

Im fine with that as at times, it can be an oversight. So just take a chill pill and not make ur brain work so much over simple decisions as people say things in the spur of the moment and then decide quickly against it for something else, at times without any brainbending reasoning. And oh, if you want to go somewhere specific, then say so lah and not beat around the bush by people giving options and then decide against them because it's not to your liking. Seriously, how long do you know me that hey, you think that whatever I say is law so I have to be some sort of ultimate decision maker. I dont have to agree with her and neither does she have to agree with me but Im sure eventually we can come with a consensus. So just speak your mind ah.

Sigh.....there are some things that I dont understand in life and this is one of them.

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