Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boo to Emmys

I cant ramble much these days coz Im pretty tired due to the exhaustion of fasting the entire day. Right....no, Im just downright caught up with giving my brother some revision and mouthing to him to study, study and study. If you have a teenager for a brother, who defies every word that comes out of your mouth, well, it can be as tiring as toiling the whole day at work. Eh, as if I do toil coz I dont get to do much work coz my other colleagues including my boss have been busy preparing for the coming audit next month. The only contribution I do is to maintain the relief appointment letters by making sure they get signed and countersigned and also to update the whole 9 files of invoices in the database.

Other than that, my life has been pretty much quite okay except with my mum's ramblings and her bitterness in regards to my late grandfather's payout when he passed away years ago. She would not let bygones be bygones and I dont think there is any end to it. If my aunt has kept her promises to pay back my father the money they used out of my late grandfather's bank account, at least my mum will not be so bitter. I mean whats the point of making a promise again and again if you dont fulfill it and you leave people wondering about it. They're not exactly poor, unlike my family, that they struggle to pay. My mum was like, even if she gives $50 per month, she is still alright but nope, nothing of that manner.

So yes, my mum continues to always make a big fuss over my father calling him 'useless' and so on and so forth and she feels like she has the right to mock him because he's the one causing problems to the family for not performing his duty as the head of the family. It's seriously annoying coz I dunno, her bitterness can get out of hands coz she always have reason to mock us as well because we're his offspring.

On a more lighter side, you know my birthday is just over and to me, it's a beginning of a new year of trying to find myself. I still toy with the idea of wanting to find a hobby and actually spend time on it and heck, who knows, even make money out of it. I still think that I can somehow find the time to learn to do graphic designing coz I just like the co-ordination of different elements put together in a nice montage as well as photo retouching coz I just like to make a picture look a whole lot better. Trust me, my picture wont be nice if not for the retouching. Yes, my face is that bad. Speaking of which, have you seen Angelina Jolie without photo touch ups? *shivers*

By the way, Monday morning yesterday was the telecast of the Emmys and I can tell you one thing, I am so freaking disappointed because Pushing Daisies and Ugly Betty didnt take home any awards. Well, hot fave Tina Fey won anyway. Infact 30 Rock won including outstanding comedy. Who cares about delusional office people. Boo!!

I think Pushing Daisies did win an award if Im not wrong but dang, Bryan Fuller should have taken home an award! He recently gave an interview and he was so sweet. He's like the kind of guy whom you can listen to all day dishing out words that describe the finer side of life in a fun and lighthearted manner. Basically, if you watch Pushing Daisies, you get an idea how he's like. You know life can deal you some serious issues but it doesnt mean we should be so grouchy and be so negative about it. There's always something good that comes out of everything that is bad.

Like sometimes I dont get it why people can be so negative sometimes. I dont know if it is my 'simpleton' mind where I dont have the ability to scrutinize things through and through or be so judgmental about it. Yes I have my fair share of sometimes refusing to see another side of things because all my life, I have so called programmed myself to think like that such as having the notion that all my father's relatives are evil..heh. Because when you were a kid, people thought that kids lack the ability to hold feelings for long but unfortunately, they are not aware that during these formative years, some feelings get embed into the mindset and will not go away. Instead they will stay as bad memories.

For example, I may forget what I wore yesterday (no, seriously) but I dont forget what happened to me more than ten years ago when I was still a child.

But as I grow up, or rather, stumble through life with cuts and bruises (call me little miss clumsy) and go on emotional roller coasters, I welcome every thing that puts a warm smile to my face. How often do you get nice things thrown your way? Especially if you live in a country called Singapore, where the people love to complain and yet refuse to say a simple thank you or say excuse me instead of shovelling their way in. Gawd, sometimes I feeling like telling these people off when I got pushed one after another by merely standing or queueing up. Even if they cant say excuse me, cant they like hold their freaking big bag close to themselves instead of walking at very close proximity to others and bump into people with their stupid bloody bag. They can even snake their way in between when there's a huge space behind the queue for example. Only coz they're lazy to detour a bit which will only take them mere seconds to do that.

In typical true Singlish manner, I would say..

'Wah-lau eh! You NO MANNERS AH!'

Hence, the desperateness of marrying a nice ang moh to take me away to far away places. Oh, why not any of the handsome actors in the German soap drama Verbotene Liebe? I watched you guys faithfully for months so I can at least get some credit for that.

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