Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy 27th Bdae to ME!!!

What can I say except....

HAPPIE BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! And I get to eat chocolate cake even though it's very the cheapo NTUC brand cake. Still, Rahayu is happy. Well, I didnt have any celebration this year but it's ok, I treated my family with food bought from a certain food stall in Toa Payoh. Ban mian..yums! Although I still think that it would probably taste better if we eat on the spot. Oh well.

And to all those who wished me Happy Birthday, the very few lot of you, I appreciated it all very much :D including one from Moody who surprisingly knew that today is my birthday.

Thank you for taking that one minute or so of your time to let me know that I am being remembered. Here's wishing myself that life will be more bearable to cope with great support from both family and friends. Okay, truth be told, for the last three years my wish was to lose weight by the time I reach my next birthday even though it has always been a desperate case of losing back the few kilos that I have gained within the year..heh...Somehow, I've always managed to pull the stunt miraculously.

Ok ok...remind me to make more meaningful wish a date or something? that is going to happen anytime soon and anyway, it's not within my budget to go out and enjoy.

But Im not sorrowful. Things may not always be nice and rosy. What is important is to have faith in ourselves that we can pull through hard times with God's help.


three cheers for Rahayu!! Happy Birthday to me!!

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