Thursday, September 25, 2008

Early Pay?!

I received an sms yesterday night saying that my bank account will be credited with October's pay on Sept 26. Im like 'huh?!' so fast? Then I was thinking, oh...must be because of Hari Raya which is on October 1st. When I was working in a semi government board the last time, that was what they did to. They would give next month's pay earlier, say...a week so called help us with our expenses. Yay for me but uhm, knowing how 'torturous' it was last year because I had to put up with one more extra week before the following next month's pay...the agonizing pain (and the loss of some precious items *sobs*)...Im like, I can only keep the money for later use only.

Oh, plus I got additional support also in the form of some allowance from the government as part of the GST package which is basically some help to cope with the increase in GST tax. I know people lament that it's not much and it's a sign that the price of things are gonna increase further. But hey, in times of financial need, Im happy with any form of monetary help. I know I am one of those Singaporeans complaining about the hike in prices in recent times. Remember, I grocery shop..hello? NOwadays, I am willing to walk the distance to and fro just to go to the NTUC fairprice which sells everyday groceries at a rebate price. I used to be a cold storage person until the recent price hike forced me to make wiser decisions. I only go there occasionally to get an item or two which cannot be found at NTUC. But God bless, my mother has softened a bit in a way she is not that particular about brands anymore. Well, at least a little bit which makes me able to cut costs where I can.

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