Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Learning Journey

You know what it sucks when you were fasting and they were serving you breakfast, lunch and some and cakes and pastries for teabreak. I didnt want to go to this Learning Journey thingey with the rest of my colleagues as well as people from other schools because I knew it would be during the fasting month. But NOooOOoo...they signed me up without asking me, well they did but I said no, and they still went ahead all coz I was a freakin' newbie..hrmph.

So I didnt quite enjoy the whole experience. Lunch I didnt mind not taking coz it looked pathetic..but YA KUN KAYA TOAST?! One of Rahayu's favourite food?! That pushed it too far. Although I did get a bottle of kaya from there as a souvenir. But it didnt taste as good as when served with their toasted bread. Once again, hrmph.

Anyway, I found out a few things from my colleague whom I hung out with throughout the learning journey. Like the fact that Chuck is engaged with someone from KL whom he sees once a month. Ooh, long distance relationship. But we were so evil we were like..hrm..maybe he got to know her through the internet? heh..Oh, and this teacher whom I used to call my 'boyfriend' only coz he is short and who looks a bit different than a typical Chinese (which Mariah called him as Mat Kotai) is a smoker. Actually I kinda figured that out. Coz there was once he passed by me and there was this strong smell of cigarette smoke. During school hours?! But, there were other teachers whom this colleague of mine said are also smokers because she hung out with them and they all would be smoking together.

Well, Im not too particular about them smoking despite being teachers and that my 'boyfriend' is also a level head. It's just that I dont expect teachers to be all angelic...haha. Talking about 'boyfriend', Im actually over and done with calling him that coz Im not interested in him anymore. Kinda old news..haha.

And you know what? I have officially passed 2 days of fasting despite the challenge which I described earlier during the learning journey. I didnt struggle so much although on the first day of fasting, I was tempted several times to quote that I was hungry until I remembered...'doh! Im fasting'. Then, this morning I didnt wake up all bright and shiny and feeling a bit sick yet I pulled through and developed a slight fever. After I broke fast, I practically collapsed on my sofa and slept through from 8.3o till about 1am.

Okay it did sound like I was being drama mama especially for someone who often makes noise when shes hungry, much to my mum's dismay..haha. And I did groan that the time for breaking fast for this month is mostly ten minutes after 7pm. I mean, they're just minus hics that I will eventually get passed and then before you know, im fasting without even knowing it. But Im still stumped as to how people can actually have a whole buffet during break fast which my mum later explained that sometimes, people buy food on impulse especially when they're hungry and when faced with an array of food at a bazaar, can go quite crazy. Of course it will be a wastage unless they can eat the leftovers during the meal before the break of dawn. But these kinda food often spoils easily because they are often cooked too quickly so it will be quite hard to salvage the leftover.

Anyway it's a waste of money buying food from the bazaar. Im already struggling with the money spent on buying groceries for the past two days. I kinda hate it when things in the house run out at almost the same time and if I dont get them, it will be weird coz they're essential household items. So the money that I anticipated stretching it until friday is gone..just like that. The fact that I would have saved at least 5 dollars, not inclusive of the 2 dollars that I managed to save by deciding not to buy that packet of $1 plus Chinese style noodles, kills me slightly harder especially today when I had no choice but to buy from Cold Storage whose grocery items cost slightly more. Yes Im very meticulous when it comes to money especially when I have a mum who think that I dont know how to take care of money because money seems to run out fast when in my hands. Like excuse me, who is the one ordering to buy this and that?

Then if I forgo buying some things to cut costs, she thinks Im stingy for being too budget conscious.

Sigh, at the very least, since I got most of the major items out of the way, I guess the next few days wont be so hard to budget. I am going to streeeeeetccch twenty dollars within *gasp* three days. This would be easy peasy if Im not the sole breadwinner or my mum is the type who is not very particular about the brand of items. Anyway there are some things you cant change but being me, I have to learn how to soften the effect. Sigh, the things I do for the family. Then again, from what I have said earlier, God is with me and He does help me every now and then in small but meaningful ways and I appreciate it.

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