Monday, September 15, 2008

Men Candy

My mum is on her rambling spree brother is protesting against my good intentions (a.k.a asking him to study and do his homework)...I am in no serious mood to blog.

Infact, I shall post photos.

These are the latest photos of Luke Macfarlane as Scotty on Brothers and Sisters. He is just so...........adorable, I can bite a piece of him. I'll start with the ears.

Okay, I know I can be gay friendly but there is one gay person whom I hate, and it's not coz of his sexual orientation, but rather his history of boyfriends.

Obviously, there is more to him that seem to attract the cream of the crop. Everytime he breaks up, that empty slot seems to not be vacant for long and every time it's filled up, Im like..'you've gotta be kidding me.'

His latest boyfriend, well he's not as good looking as the ex, or ex-es I should say..pfft...but I would kill to have a guy with that body. Lance doesnt even have a rockin' body. I say this guy drinks the charm potion every time he breaks up.

Okay as much as I hate him, I do like his taste in men. Well at least we see something eye to eye then...haiz.

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