Monday, September 01, 2008

Assertive Guy

Have I ever confided in you that life sucks at times? I in big time? As in you plan for things and they just dont seem to according to plan? Okay fine...that happens to many of us...which may be a source of comfort though. Oh well, some things we can control...some things, we cant.

Anyway, me, my mum and my brother went to Hougang Point today coz I dunno...out of nowhere, my mum decided to go to the NTUC fairprice there to get some veggies and some stuffs to prepare for the fasting month which commences on 1st of September. Of course being on a freaking tight budget, I felt the pinch but knowing my mum, you cant actually go against her even though I seriously think it is not the right time to grocery shop with her. Plus, with my brother along? One word. Ouch.

So hey, now I just try to see how I can deal with the pinch for the next few days. *sobs* rahayu feels like crying :( Anyway, I dont want to dwell on it too much. I mean seriously, there is only so much that I can do. I have tried my best and knowing myself, I somehow will try to pull myself through this pulling a rabbit out of the hat miraculously....I just know I can and God help me with it.

Enough of my sobbing sad story..boohoo. Well, we have approached September which birthday month :D Rahayu likes birthdays! Even a simple greeting makes my heart melt knowing someone remembers my birthday. I dont ask for much....and why does I have a brand new top from Mango lingering in my head? Tsk..silly's not even December a.k.a bonus month yet.

Actually, Im all jittery about fasting even though I see it as an opportunity to cleanse our body of toxin and maybe....trying to lose a couple of weight that has been yo-yoing since like forever? Why not we all make a pact of losing at least 2kg this month, eh? Oh, and keep it off for good. It's also a way of saving our butt when at the beginning of the year, we resolve to lose weight but somehow, has not quite got around it yet. Just like the mantra on Project Runway, we have to 'make it work'.

You know we young women have a lot on our plate that we dont know where to begin. I mean....just look at me when I face a buffet table. Everything looks so fine. Okay seriously, we face problems left, right and centre but we always try to be on top of things AND look good doing it. Except me at times...I mean I am a sloppy girl through and through. So give ourselves a big round of applause for all the things that we have done for our friends, our family and ourselves. Life isnt easy but if you have good intentions for doing something, you will get rewarded.

Even though I have yet to experience being loved in a relationship with the opposite sex, I prefer things to take its time because I know how complicated love can be. My life is already complicated but I often say that hey, Im always open.

As for now, I dont have any guy in real life I mean, not in my internet woven other life. But, if you have been reading my entries, you may notice me talking about this guy at my workplace named 'Chuck'. Im starting to think that this guy makes a good friend. Heck, I would even think that he's boyfriend material but maybe not to me, because I suppose coz I cant see him beyond more than friend..I dunno why. My mind has been too broadened ever since signing up with an internet.

Why I think he makes a good 'boyfriend' to girls in general is because, like I told Mariah, he's not easily henpecked which is a good..and uhm...a bad thing. Good in the sense that it teaches girls not to be too pampered that they can get away with things by pouting and throwing mini tantrums. I know he's not like that coz when I asked...and ahem..even whimpered...'But it's too dirty!!! Im too lazy to clean!!! Cant I just get a new mouse?!!' it didnt work. Bad coz...uhm....of course we girls like to be pampered too, you know! Ever heard of a charm?

Oh and he noticed too that I like to drink milo which he tried to sneak into our conversation when I asked him why the heck he drank water from such a big bottle. He didnt say directly that I like milo but he was like...'you know with milo, your body can get heaty and the sugar inside the milo, can make you dehydrate faster so you can fall sick easily'. pfft. Speaking of being assertive, he was sweet enough to check out which table served halal food during a lunch gathering last Friday and then asked me to go quickly before the food ran out. So I went but the Malay teachers were like taking their time surveying that I was too shy to take.

And when he came back, I was still standing there and he was like...'What are you still doing here?!' and while remarking to another colleague that he already told me to go, he turned back to me and was like saying 'I told you to go right?! Go! Go! Go!' Geez. Then when I was done with my food, I wanted to go quickly and he still barked at me and said 'where are you going? There's still desserts! Go and take the desserts!!!' Double geez. Im starting to be afraid of this guy already.

Then, is it just me or did I hear wrongly. Chuck was like telling me that he was into his second bottle of water (very important info apparently) and was about to say some thing else until SOMEBODY had to cut in by saying 'Chuck!! Sorry yesterday I had to call you...I got no other choice!' Chuck was like it's okay...

No other choice...pfft...opportunist.

Okay I know you're probably going to shoot me for this but ah..................maybe the real reason why Im not that attracted to Chuck was coz he isnt very good looking? I have already warned you that I am shallow when it comes to guys. I am by no means, attractive either and with a hot body to boot. But hands up those of you who think that it wouldnt kill for the guy to be good looking. Yes looks isnt everything and from what I described him, Im sure you can safely conclude that he is a very nice guy and I dont deny that. It's just that I dont think I can hit it off well with him and Im just saying that maybe...........just maybe..........coz of his looks?

But hey, people tend to have a change of heart okay. Who knows? And being someone who is fickle minded, that is not a problem. I still think that he's a keeper for being such a nice guy. But just as a friend.

I smell rotten eggs from a distance already.

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