My Fan Girl-ing Moments

Where can I sign up for this guy? LOL.

I am so glad the actor went from Devious Maid, although I can't argue about his shirtless pool scene, to being this werewolf who looks out for his people and pledging his true love of another species publicly.

And my God, if a guy were to kiss me, I want the kiss to be as gentle as the one he gives, in the two episodes I watched where he initiated the kiss. Oh, and also the look after the kiss with him cupping the face. Argh, kill me now!

Although most eps, he bears a serious look but in the last episode, he went through various emotions, from being overly concerned, to being nervous and then being all lovey dovey. 

Plus, he was in a tuxedo looking all daper and his wavy hair all slicked back. And in the wedding scene, he gave the biggest most cheerful happiest smile of all, after his eyes turned golden and he is officially a super werewolf.

Argh!! You think how can I not fall in love with this character? And I LOVE the writers for listening to us fans and giving us what we want. Yay to them!

Okay, fangirl-ing over for now.

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