CNY 2015 & The God of Fortune

I love CNY, not so much for the festivity since I don't celebrate but my workplace is so kind with their generous oranges and ahem..$100 worth of NTUC vouchers! comes grocery shopping! That is like part and parcel of my life managing this small family of us and those vouchers come in so handy during times when when we're running low in cash or I need an extra help financially coping with the expenses. 

The generosity is overwhelming which makes it soooo painful for me to leave this workplace when the time comes, which I believe will be very soon since I'm already pursuing a diploma. To feel welcomed, even though I'm not Chinese, is overwhelming.

Speaking of generosity, I had also received an ang pao from a colleague of mine who was generous to give me $20! I didn't think it was necessary but she insisted and I had to take it but I hope to give her something back in kind. She needs money too so I feel bad on that too actually. 

This year, the God of Fortune comes from our office in the form of our own Vice Principal! Haha..he was so sporting! And funny as well because he asked if anyone else wanted to take photos before he took off the outfit and midway, said that all these photos would be chargeable and he would be sending an e-invoice soon. Well, whatever it is, hope he brings us all fortune! And he also gave my colleagues 4 golden numbers for them to buy. To paraphrase him previously,  'Which VP would be so nice to do this?!" LOL!!

Here we are taking the photos in glee with the 'God of Fortune' himself! Gosh, I look so 'big' in my oversized blouse, haha! But it's currently the only red top I have so yah, no choice!

The long weekend is going to come to an end soon..boohoo..but let's make good use of it!


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