Love Vigilantes

I was at the gym towards the tail end of my work out session and on the stair climber (which I've grown to love but can never do the full 20 minutes ;p) when I looked up to watch this tv set just above my head. It was a docu-travel showing an episode about the caste system in India and even in the modern day, is still pretty prevalent. 

You can google more about the caste system and how the distinction caused a lot of conflict and extreme prejudice. But this show explored one side of the effect the caste system has on the people. Normally you've heard about couples going through extreme resistance because of difference race, religion and social status but only in India, they have added another resistance which is the caste system. For instance, people from the lower caste system can't marry someone from higher up the system. 

But love being love, despite the circumstances, you can't just forget about it and move on when clearly, there's a strong emotional attachment to it. Worst part is, what if the people around you, including the people who are your own family members, refuse to give the blessings to your relationship. 

That is where a group of what I call as the "love vigilantes" come in and while I can't exactly describe the process in detail of how they volunteer their help to these couples in crisis, I applaud their tremendous effort, support and encouragement. This is not your regular volunteers. They are so experienced, that when they meet up with the couples after receiving anonymous calls from them, they know from that first meeting if they are genuinely a couple or not. Well, nowadays you can't really trust anybody who you don't know on the line.

The fact that why I wrote about this post is how touched I am that these volunteers actually put their life on the line for helping these desperate couples. These people are seen to be their only hope to get married and be together for life. In one scene, where the host followed, the place was being watched over by someone guarding with a rifle in his hand. It was indeed dangerous but they were so determined to help.

At one point, one of the volunteers, who has a family of his own back home, said that if he comes home to the wife and children, then he belongs to them. If not, he belongs to God. That is a very big sacrifice to make for people he hardly knew but merely wants to help because he believes these couples deserve the love that they have for each other, whatever the circumstances they are in and resistance they face.

Such a courageous man indeed, for him and his team of volunteers. The world may be unkind and filled with people who don't have an ounce of humanity in them. But there are vigilantes who will not question and will do their part without asking for return favours just because they feel like it's just something they have to do. 

Kudos to these people.

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