Miss Worth It

When you're watching Miss World and Miss Universe, and thinking if only I have half their beautfy, you're not alone. Or wait, probably it's just me, haha. God must have spent more time on them, but you know what, whatever. There's no time for sappy sad stories like boo hoo, I'm not pretty enough and nobody wants me. 

Truth is, if you look around you, chances are you won't see someone who look exactly like one of those Miss World or Miss Universe contestant. Sure, there will be one or two who seriously stand out but do you see the rest moping around because they're not beautiful enough? Like they deserve better than this?


I used to think that I'm not  pretty enough or beautiful enough to clearly make an impression but is that all there is to it? You know what, we can make ourselves beautiful. We can start by taking good care of our skin, keep our hair healthy and shiny, have trimmed nails (often overlooked but who like looking at unkempt nails) and wear clothes that fit us well and make us look good. For ladies, it wouldn't hurt to draw on our eyebrows to 'shape' our face and put on a tinted or clear lip balm so we don't end up with cracked lips because that can be so un-sexy.

If these things seem like a hassle, like how I used to see myself as, but over time, these very basic things are the very things that help us to raise our confidence level by a notch. Oh yes, and telling ourselves that hey, we are beautiful and we are confident. In our mind, see our own self as someone worth it and special, and on that thought, smile more and do our own daily stuff with grace and confidence as though life is indeed beautiful.

People will naturally draw to you like bees to honey when you have a personality that is attractive without being all nasty or bitchy. Be more genuine in listening to other people and making it into a two way conversation, showing them that you care for them. It doesn't have to be someone special to us but it can simply be anybody. 

It's not true that when you're slimmer, you are more attractive. I've known people of all shapes and sizes who can easily make friends and so easy to get along with, it doesn't matter if they're chubby or thin. Really. You just feel comfortable being around them because they are generally nice to you, no matter what shortcomings you have.

If you still think size is still an issue and hampering your confidence level, don't worry because you're not alone. I am not petite myself and I'm still trying to lose those darn extra kilos ;p but I'm not going to feel down and out simply because I've not reached my ideal weight yet. That's silly. If you want to lose weight, do it because  you want to be healthier, just like how I've been planning it all this time whenever I hit the gym or go on on long walks, not because I want people to like me. If people are not that shallow, they will like you, no matter what size you are because you're worth it and like I said it before, you genuinely care about them too.

We may not be gracing the stage with all those Miss World or Miss Universe contestants but hey, the world's a stage. It's up to us to give our best performance yet as Miss Worth It.

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