Exams Over, My 2 Months Break & Financial Plans

As I'm typing this out, I'm not feeling good inside as in I'm not sick, but I feel like I'm feeling clueless and lethargic. I don't wish to have this feelings so hopefully, after I type out this blog post, I will feel much better because I get to let out these uneasy feelings.

Anyway, I guess I'm having this 'what should I do' feeling as for the last three or so weeks, I've been so super focused on exams, or at least trying to cram as much notes inside my head, lol. It was very tough I admit with the feelings of being so super stressed out simply because it was frustrating not to be able to remember a lot of things. During exams, I didn't remember everything but I know I've done my best and I just hope to get good grades for all the hard work I've put in. It's not just a matter of getting the cert and moving on to the next level. If can aim higher, why not.

Below is a picture of us after celebrating two of my classmates' birthday and another one were us, cramming for the accounting paper the next day. Now we're on our two months' study break, before rejoining in April.

But so glad it's over and now I'm trying to get my life back in order which explains why I'm feeling pretty clueless as in what should I be doing right now. I've been vegging out since yesterday although I did go out and eat because I deserve some 'me' time, of course with my brother tagging along. There are things to do, like working on my orders and cleaning my room, and these are at the top of my list. I'll get it done slowly but surely.

I'm also starting to plan the things that I want to do via my planner. It's been empty for the last two weeks because there's nothing else that I wanna do except to study. My life is so happening, lol.

Besides getting my life on track again, I also wish to stay in life financially. Funny thing is, I always spend more than $150 per month on buying things related to crafting as a form of 'investment' for my online business, which I think is justified. But I've planned on cutting down coz I think it's rather exorbitant and I've been struggling to keep the expenses down when the income coming in doesn't always match up to it, so much so I've stopped tracking because it's depressing.

Due to exams, and me not checking out the blogs for updates on the new arrivals, my spending has taken on a backseat. But I still need certain supplies for my orders, so I have to make the trips to get them and for the first time ever, I actually feel the pinch even though my first purchase, was only about $16 which is way way WAY below what I normally spend whenever I got my pay. I've since made another two trips but in total, I  only spend $40. I've grabbed so many items, like I usually do, make decisions but this time round the decision making was even more drastic, and cut down my expenses to $20 and below for each purchase.

I'm thinking now in line about what I already have versus what I really need to get. I got many things already which is when the two supplies stores had some major 40% off storewide discount going on during the December hols.

I am still going to stand by my personal financial quote from early this year which is to spend only on things which I truly love or truly need. With nothing in between, it has been helpful in a sense that plus minus, I still have quite a substantial amount that will probably *fingers crossed* last me until my next pay day. Of course, this is easier said than done but I believe it is do-able. Plus, I am also telling myself to never be poor again because it's one of the most unpleasant and uneasy feelings, not knowing if you are able to know if you can put food on the table on the next day, or afford to buy groceries for the family. I've also got my upcoming school fees to pay next month so it's something that is leaving me no other choice, but to be more careful with what I spend on.

I want to work on making more moolah via my online shop and this means, to NOT be feeling lazy when the orders come in and work around them asap by finding time for it. They say that there's enough money for everyone, it's just a matter of working hard and earning them.

Ok! Now I gotta clean my room and prepare to go to the gym. Wow, I practically put my life on hold because I didn't work out for last two weeks, lol. I feel so unhealthy especially after two days of eating fast food.

Enjoy the remaining of your Sunday!

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