Love is Love & Something to Fight For

Many people would probably not know about this but I don't like to judge people because it's a real poor character to have. I know that it's easier said than done but whenever I catch myself doing so, I will refrain from saying unkind things. But in general, I think that everyone is entitled to live a life of their own which brings them true happiness, rather than condemning them of their lifestyle just because we don't agree to it. 

Hence why I'm pretty open when it comes to various types of relationships and instead of giving unkind judgments like they will probably not last or she's just after his money, they are probably much happier than us. Love is love and if they're happy, let them.

I was watching The Originals and while I loathe the antagonist with his witchcraft that's causing mayhem, the rest of the show is still watchable. As usual, I don't foresee watching this for a long time although the season is coming to an end very soon but I do enjoy moments where there's, yes, life lessons to come out of this show filled with vampires, werewolves and witches. Go figure.

The fact on how family is important and everything, whether by blood or not, preparing for battle for the sake of protecting your loved ones and that a true warrior never runs.

The last episode was a top notch and even though I initially think that the wedding is so unnecessary, but it was beautifully done and I understand that it's not just a wedding. It's a unification that she courageously partake in to protect her loved one and to empower her pack. She never felt the love of a family and to finally feel that she belongs somewhere and to be accepted by her guardian, who doesn't judge her but watch over her and her baby daughter.  

But then again, this is a supernatural drama and ANYTHING can happen, much like how the writers said in an interview, nothing lasts forever because we're talking about a show with wolves and vampires. These are the two species that can never get along although at certain points, they may seem to form an alliance. Oh, and in Aiden's case, to fall in love with one..hehe. Add in witchery and ta-dah, every episode, someone is sure to die. 

Speaking of Aiden (I'll do a separate post on him because he's that special), I love how the writers develop the characters to be of someone you dislike to someone you root for. At first, he was such a badass but over time, you learn that he's not doing this because he wanted to. He longed to be free and he was only acting over instructions with threat looming over him and his  kind. Then you realize, he isn't what he portrays himself to be but he's just someone wanting to be loved and being allies with people whom he could trust.

If there's one person whom he listens to and not argue over, it's Jackson, the Alpha Wolf who lives in the Bayou. His allegiance to him is so strong that he immediately changes his mind over his break up which he reluctantly initiated for the sake of protecting his loved one from harm. It rings true that you can never completely protect them no matter how much you try but if you truly loved someone, he or she will make the fight worth something to fight for. For that reason, he reconciled and sealed the relationship with handholding and a sweet and gentle kiss making the relationship public. 


It's very very nerve wrecking to watch the next couple of eps because I don't want them to hurt his pretty face, hehe. Yes, call me selfish.

On another note, I think love gives you this surreal feeling that you're special in his or her own world  and you don't give a damn about how others feel because in his or her eyes, YOU are special and that's good enough. I guess people in love will probably agree with me.

Don't you think? I can imagine someone like Aiden loving me and protecting me from harm.....but that's not gonna happen. At least for now.

I know my responsibilities right now is towards myself and my family. I read through my 'inspiration notebook' and re-read my motto of wanting this year to be the year of more. Therefore after resting for a few days after some intense studying, and today being the start of a long weekend thanks to the public hols and the following weekend, I've slowly started to get my life in order. I'm happy that it has been productive because I want to fight this battle against poverty for the sake of my family. And I can't fight this battle if I am not mentally prepared for it.

So, who are you fighting for?

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