Lending a Helping Hand for a Kid's 1st Birthday

Time passes by so quickly and the surprise baby of a friend of mine, turns 1 today. Another friend and I tried our best, within our abilities, to help her as much as we can as we know she's struggling but being a mother, she wanted the best for her child and to have a successful 1st birthday for her young tot. 

Nowadays, as beautiful as the birthday sets up that we see on instagram based on themes, when I looked at the price list, my goodness...you need to set aside a few hundred dollars. Unless you have a lot of money to throw, I think a DIY birthday set up is good enough as long as the highlights of any birthday is there, which is an array of food and the cake of course.

We contributed financially for the cake and also in some of the goodies. I even made the guestbook for free although I used office supplies for the main papers and used my stash of supplies for the decor. Oh, and also the taxi fare because in the last hour, my friend couldn't get the car as planned as her brother wanted to use so we took 3 kinds of public transport just to get the cake to her place on time, lol. 

But it was worth it. Three of us shared the cake after the cake cutting because we were quite full. Earlier on, the two of them got very engrossed with the food which was a rare thing for my friend which only meant one thing; she was really hungry, haha.

I even caught up on life with her parents who went through and still is going through a health crisis. My parents went through the same thing, and I remember shuttling back and forth to the hospitals to visit on a daily basis. It's a really difficult period to go through. You know, with these old folks, when the minute you show the slightest bit of interest in their life, they opened up very fast to you.

I wish them the best of health and for the birthday boy, hope you grow up to be a kind young man who respects your mum and remember her for all the struggles and heartache she went through to bring you up. From the way her parents and siblings dote on him, he is growing up in a family full of love for him. And money can't buy that love.

Here are the pictures and erm...selfie..from the birthday party earlier on!

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