Two Financial Goals: Earn More & Save More

I have decided that my financial goals for this year should be to Earn More & Save More. While all these years what I have done instead is to try to spend lesser, I realize that this is just a futile effort. The prices here are on the rise and it looks like it's not going to come down anyway. My regular wholemeal bread costs me $2.50 every time I buy. While I don't mind buying house brand napkins, spoons or mineral water bottle, but I can't compromise on that bread. Okay I know you're thinking it's just bread. But I don't want to eat bread whose quality isn't as great where they will probably use low quality wholemeal grains to cut their costs just because I want to save money. 

I hope I don't put you off there, haha.

For years, I haven't been successful in trying to spend lesser because first thing first, it's difficult for my family and to have a mother who just can't compromise some things, pretty much like me too. Sure people may say that by cutting this or that out, I can save some moolah. Look, that is not going to happen. I tried to balance it out by buying them as household band products which of course, didn't go so well with her the first time round but slowly, she started accepting them. Still, it doesn't do much to the overall amount of expenses.

I know the way out is to get an additional source of income but I can't work part-time. So I decided to act on my dream of having an online shop and the problem then was that I don't know what to sell! I tried to sell handmade accessories but so far, I only enjoyed making earrings and even then I was struggling because my fingers were not nimble enough. But I've always had a creative streak in me and started making handmade cards instead because it's something that I can do and don't need to string beads because my eyesight is super bad, haha.

LONG STORY SHORT, just two days ago, or maybe even yesterday, I have decided that I shouldn't stress myself out too much trying to cut down on this or cut down on that and if I am not able to do so, I get so majorly depressed. Just quite recently, I have stopped being so calculative over every single cent that I have. Fine there are times I just had to know how much, which is actually OK but let's say for me, I have the tendency to over-do it, so hence why I shouldn't do it too frequently.

So I can't do much to my salary because I work in the public sector where I simply can't march up to my boss and say, I deserve more pay than this. It's true that having your very own online shop or when you sell products or services, even on a part-time basis like me, it helps to continue letting you earn even with a fixed salary from your regular job. However, don't hope that you get into immediate luck in getting profits. I struggled for almost two years (how time past!) and it's true that not everyone is so lucky in their first foray into business.

I've studied, followed and read the blog posts and watch the videos of successful entrepreneurs who have figured out how to earn money online. While I don't subscribe to their paid videos, their free stuffs are pretty sufficient in teaching me to not fret about it and just continue concentrating on what I CAN do instead of what I can't do, such as my mother's rather neurotic habits where I've mentioned I simply could not do away with some of her 'must have' items.

They also say it's possible to lead a rich life and by that, I don't just mean a life like that of Richard Branson. Rather, a life that is rich where I can do what I want and spend on what I want instead of constantly worrying where the money is going to come from tomorrow or that I shouldn't have spend the money on that $4 plus frozen yoghurt.

They teach me that as long as I learn the methods to earn more by gaining customers' trust and also serving them what they want instead of what I want and not by hard selling, mind you, it's possible to get repeat and loyal customers and even recommendations. Most importantly, I must know why am I doing this. It's not for me to go on a shopping spree, save for yesterday hehe, but rather, it's for me to save up for emergency family fund. I have failed many times in this by having to dip into them and totally wipe them. But this time round, as I've mentioned in my past posts, something that I shouldn't have a lapsed judgment.

From today onwards, I am going to write down and track my goals and progress. It will be annoying at first because I have to pick up an actual pen to write, but by physically writing, I can jot down ideas, know where I stand and where I should improve. It's also part of me and my friend's efforts in improving and enriching our lives.

While focusing lesser on my spending and concentrating on earning more and saving more, I help to keep a balanced beam. Like they say, if you can't control it, don't fret over it. Shift your focus on doing something that you can change, for the better of course.

Hope this helps for you too!

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