Taking a Leap of Faith in Life

I'm happy for a friend of mine who has found her happiness and hopefully, this guy will give her undivided attention and shower her with as much love and appreciation because she truly deserves it. Another friend of mine just had her baby and while it is going to be a new journey for her, hopefully it will be for the better and last I heard, she is truly happy now.

Everyone is nervous and yet excited when they enter a new phase in life. Me too. I was nervous when I started my online shop and I was also nervous when I joined a new class when I started my part-time studies. I'm not the type who get along well with people very easily although they appreciate getting to know me later on which I, in turn, appreciate as well. 

But it's inevitable at times. Otherwise you will be stuck and not progressing along in life. Sometimes, you don't expect things to happen but they did and you've got no choice but to embrace them fully and to be more responsible. It is not easy being married, having a baby and being an online shop owner. There are challenges but it's a matter of taking it slowly, one step at a time so you'll avoid feeling overwhelmed, getting stressed out and make unpleasant decisions.

If you're entering a new phase in life because you choose to take a leap of faith and see where life leads you to, congrats on your new journey :) As long as we open our hearts to possibilities, those daunting tasks may not be as bad as they seem. Like my friend said that well, she's scared and nervous but I know where she's coming from. There are thoughts of where the money is going to come from because you can't just live your life based on good faith. You sometimes have to get out of your comfort zone and do what it takes for the person or people you love. 

I started this online shop not just because I like what I am doing and want to share my works with other people. I do it because I want to have an additional source of income. It's always nice to know that money comes in every week, in trickles, but it's as though I get 'reimbursed' for spending on the family which is nice because I want to ensure my family doesn't feel like they're poor or something. We may lead a simple life but it's nice to have treats once in awhile.

We should count our blessings for having people to love us for who we are and to love others just as well. 

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