Chillin' Out at Changi Beach

I think many of us have recollections of going to the Changi Beach or park somewhere near the gates and watch the airplanes take off. It's such a nice 'whoa!' feeling seeing the planes on the runway but of course, it was illegal to park there so once the police come by, we also had to take off, LOL. Those were the days.

We decided to relive the memories by going to the Changi Beach and experience the feeling of seeing the plane fly by the beach to land on the runway at the Changi Airport. I remembered we went there when my brother was still very young and we had our small meal there as a family when my father drove there in a taxi.

It wasn't as packed as the East Coast Park beach and we had a nice time just sitting there, listening to music, waiting and eating our packed bread..and waiting some more...but only managed to see one plane only, haha. Oh well.  

But it's a nice setup away from our busy hectic life and take the time to just chill out.

Here's some pictures from our trip. The night shot wasn't so clear but oh well, it's  just us so no biggie, haha. 

Go on and have yourself a little chillax moment at the Changi Beach with your friends and family.

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