A Little Windfall & Indulgence

Actually, I was about to write this post when I saw a new email and I thought, why they give me the payslip so late. Then as I was reading it, I realized that oh, this is for the performance bonus for government peeps like me. Yayness. I was just scanning through, coz it's full of words..haha, and then I realized oh, I got a B grade and then down the line, it was a complete shocker. I never had that much before!!! OMG. In short, I got 1.5 months of bonus.

Alhamdullilah! That is a thankful prayer everytime something good happens to me. We must always say our thanks to God and even if you don't believe in God, I still believe you must be thankful for all the good things that happen in life because it's only going to get better from there.

I wanted to write about how this week, I've made quite a tidy sum of amount and I'm happy for the orders that also came through my website and how they appreciated my works that they have seen online.

I was saying about a customer who made a few demands and I have to make so many changes. Finally, he agreed on the final design and I had them sent to him through post that day itself, haha. So I received the amount of money from him too and have it promptly transfered to another savings account.

Speaking of that, I decided that I shouldn't see this income making venture of mine as something that I want so that I could eat at buffets like that of Seoul Garden without batting an eyelid, buy bags without looking at the hefty price tag (and yet lasted just few months..hrmph) and other stuffs like shoes and clothes. I have always been a careful spender, like check 10 times then buy, or don't and the only things that I ever spend on are groceries and materials for my hobby and online shop. Even then, I still practice caution.

I realized it should be more than that. I feel like it shouldn't be just based on materials, expensive food and holidays. It should be about having a safety net to fall on and not having to worry about where the money is going to come from when payday is still far ahead. I think this is more important for me. Sure, once in awhile it is OKAY to indulge ourselves like my mini indulgence is having a frozen yoghurt that costs $4 plus, haha, and a little branded make up items, which I bought on discount, because they were press materials for the beauty blogger. I know for sure I'll never pay that much for a single eyeshadow so paying $10.00 for a MAC pressed eyeshadow is worth it for me :p That's why I'm always excited whenever she posts blog sale.

I'm such a cheapskate, haha.

I believe little indulgences are okay to have as long as I continue to work to bring in the moolah, for the right reasons. I must learn to think in terms of the customers like what do they want. I started selling in stock cards recently and made some money out of it. Plus, it's a good way for me to use the materials that I have accumulated, haha. Instead of waiting for custom orders, I realized this is also a niche that I can help to fill in. They can choose to buy the instock cards or make custom orders with me.

Yay to business-minded me.

Oh yes, I also learnt that it's good to share and treat other people. I made some money and instead of just indulging myself, I treat my family members to good cakes like the ones below. Yummy!

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