i Light Festival 2014.

The i Light Festival is a bi-annual event that takes place starting from the vicinity of Marina Bay and it's filled with installations with the Light theme. It's amazing how they are so creative in making these light installations which change your perception of a light bulb. Don't believe me? Just check out this installation, made up just light fluorescent bulbs.

Rain Cloud

Beautiful right? It's so fragile I'm too scared to pull the chains hanging to switch off the light bulbs but just merely tugging on them, haha.

The one above is also a light installation but the crowd can take turns to throw a light stick with a blue fabric trail up the 'tree'. I don't know why but the tree was surrounded by senior citizens, haha..probably they were on a tour or something. Some of them got to have their hands on the light stick and while many failed to throw up the stick to hang, there was this one determined senior citizen who kept spinning and spinning the fabric holding on to the light stick like some catapult or something. But his spinning technique did manage to catapult the stick up the tree, yay! However, we were glad we stood pretty far from him when he started spinning and spinning the thing, haha.

Here are snapshots of some of the installations including the cute teddy bear heads. They are actually large inflatable balloons but they sure bring out the kids in us.

The festival has ended when I write this. You can still visit the website to read more about this bi-annual event at i Light Marina Bay.

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