Leaving Your Baggage Behind

In life, we encounter people who aren't exactly nice like as though people owe then a living. We must do things or say things that please them. It's all about trying to make them happy and yet, in the end what we get is a sense of not being appreciated for all the things we have done for them because they make it seem like we're meant to do these things for them.

While I have long accepted the fact that I'm living among such people, it does affect me especially when I'm made to feel like I'm being taken for granted. But standing through my motto, life goes on. It doesn't stop because of one person and it doesn't stop because of the miserable situation that I am in. It goes on, no matter what. I know that I can't make everyone happy and I know too that in life, we face challenges but it will get better just as long as we have faith, work hard to make things better and continue to make self improvements while being grounded in life. 

Everyone is different. Some choose to be nasty and some choose to simply think about themselves only. I can't dictate to them what they should and shouldn't do. We're all adults. We have responsibilities. As a concerned friend or citizen, we try our best to reach out but if they choose to wallow in their self pity or continue to be nasty or rude, let them be. Let's not make it like it's our fault and let them ruin our day.

We  only have one life to live. Make it a good one and pray that we have lesser of such encounters that pull us down. Like someone commented on the facebook, leave your baggage at the lost and found and simply walk away.

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