Being Your Own Boss & Believing in Yourself

 I was writing in my other blog stating how I actually admired this particular baker who have done proud for the Malay community and how her dose of creativity allowed her to have a fanatic following on instagram. Her cupcakes are always sold out within 2 hours upon opening at 12. Amazeballs.

I had a taste of her cupcake last Saturday and while I was a whee bit disappointed I came late and only left one particular favourite (which I can't remember but it was lemon-y). Oh well. It was flavourful with the taste of lemon bursting in your mouth although the cupcake base was rather too soft and crumbly. 

Will I go again? Yes because I wanted to try the nutella red velvet cupcake. I think chocolate and red velvet is like a deadly combo, haha.

I would say that she did a good job in staying fresh in her ideas and also, making them in limited quantities and available via the shop only. So people are so called 'forced' to come down, no sorry, rush down and have a taste of her cupcakes based on the posts on the instagram. I also admire how she keeps turning down requests, even corporate ones, because of overwhelming store demands even though she has the potential in making even more money.

So I just can conclude too that she's not in it for the sake of making that much of moolah but to extend her passion and creativity in baking.

If you wanna know more about this local bakery shop, you can follow them on instagram Fluffbakery.

There's also another cupcake baker and she takes orders online and judging from her pictures, they're really creative and whimsical looking. She won an award recently by Her World magazine and she's doing this business while juggling with her full time studies at SMU. You can visit her website at The Spatula and The Pen

Very inspirational and they taught me one thing: Never be afraid to explore the possibilities of standing out from the crowd by believing in your craft and to be as creative as you can. I sometimes worry that my designs are so SO different from others but the continued support I get is very overwhelming, so much so, I am having order after order last week. If I can't take the first step in believing in myself, how can I expect people to believe in my craft.

What can you take away from this post? You don't need to fit into a certain mould and if you're doing this with the sole purpose of making lotsa moolah, you're not going to do well. Just believe in yourself, your passion and your dreams. The rest is secondary.

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