Earning an Honest Living

There are many people who are proud of what they're doing, put in long hours without complaining and don't care and don't bother what people think of what they're wearing until some idiot have to put some unkind words and have it posted on the social media. But what comes out of it is that I am proud that he has brought up a daughter well who appreciates his hard work to put food on the table and treat the family well. She is not ashamed of how he looks and what he wears. To her, he is merely earning an honest living. A very wise teenager.

Meanwhile, there are other teenagers who have no qualms scolding their parents online with swear words for all to see and worse still, garner 'likes' from their uncalled for rant. It's not easy to bring up children and they have their demands and their tantrums. We have parents who believe in letting the children learn for themselves which is good rather than spoonfeeding them but no  matter which methods they choose to educate their children, they should also be taught some life long lessons such as to be humble, kind and be more sensitive towards other people. These are very basic principles in life but alas, even adults have difficulty following them.

I'm not here to point fingers at anyone. Rather, I would like to say that these people, despite what people say about them and their jobs, even their appearance, they are doing a good job. Without the cleaners, we do not have clean environments and without the hawkers, we won't have delicious affordable food cooked from the heart in the heartlands.

At times, I am puzzled how easy people criticize others but when it comes to them, it's as though they are untouchables and that they have the privilege to do what they want; but not others. If they have done something wrong, don't you dare point their fingers at them because they can turn it around and make it as though it's YOUR problem for not being able to deal with it.

You know what I think? Leave your criticism aside and just do what is best for you and perhaps your other family members. It could be your parents, your siblings or your children. Give them your focus instead of on other people who don't deserve your uncalled craving for attention or your biased criticism which won't affect those people anyway.

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