When Everything Seems to Go Against You

I know that around the world in recent times, there were things far more serious and devastating than my own life where I am just feeling rather down and out thinking why does everything seems to go against me. Like I have wished for certain things to happen and somehow they don't, although there's a reason for everything. Yes, really.

I don't want to turn this into a complete whiny post because just early this week, I received a very surprising gift, and I would love to share with you in my next few posts. Clue: Digital. I did not expect it at all especially when it's not even my birthday. But I would say that it is a very good jump start. 

I had a little prep talk with my friend who is also going through a rough patch and I'm glad she doesn't do the comparison like oh, your problem is not as big as mine, like how another friend used to do. I think everybody has unique problems and it's not a matter of whether theirs suck more or what. It's about how you cope and deal with them. Seriously, it's no point pushing the blame on others, blaming yourself but just simply deal with how to make the BEST of the situation. 

So what's a GIRL like me to do?

Eat ice cream!

Make that a soya milk ice cream because I'm still trying to lose weight. But of course, there are times I don't really care....but someone has to share it with me. 

Moving on..

Aah yes. Those times where life seems pretty sucky and the old me would probably just eat and eat.

*looks guiltily at the Kinder Bueno chocolate bar. I ate just two small parts and not two bars..haha. Upset still have to watch what I eat.

But if you're like me, struggling, there is one solution. Just move ahead. Pick up what is best from the situation and just MOVE AHEAD.

Not having the best situation, but seeing the best in your situation in the key to happiness. – @MarieForleo

Plus, sometimes I think some things don't seem to happen like how we want to is because we don't work hard for it. You want to  lose weight and you jolly well stick to a diet of healthy food rather than constantly be tempted and giving in to your temptation to sinful food. Then you complain you don't seem to lose weight and gaining weight instead. If you want to make money, you go all out giving your best service, offering the best products, market like crazy instead of wishing why you don't have any sales. You don't just look down on yourself because you're not as slim or pretty as the girl next to you in the gym. You just focus on yourself, making yourself happy, by taking good care of your health, body and physical appearance. They are God's gift to you =)

So I will leave you with this inspirational quote to help you get by and make the most of each single day. 

Meanwhile, I shall plan my day well (after cleaning my room) and hopefully, everything will get better by the end of the day.


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