Saturday, May 25, 2013

Half Year Fitness Update

I'm forever trying to lose weight and I've said this many times but when you age, it's harder to lose the flab but then again, can't totally blame on the age because it's a matter of mind over body.

Well said Rahayu, for someone who ate two pieces of mocha cake just now. 

But I got an excuse because it's my younger brother's 18th birthday! The little chubby boy is all grown up..well almost.

Okay back to the trying to lose weight saga.

I am as usual disappointed because the number doesn't seem to budge and if it does budge, it doesn't seem to stay down and climb back up in a matter one say, one week. What gives? I think the weighing machine is seriously NOT working.

But not to fret because whatever the number is showing, I believe I have looked better than the last time. I have a better looking silhouette because I try my best to keep lunch simple and try to snack lesser. Temptation is great like wanting to eat not one but two chocolate cookies. If let's say I ate one chocolate cookie for lunch, I will not eat much else until I reach home. I try to drink as much water as I can and snacks at times consist of either one biscuit or very few pieces of wasabi peanuts for that crunch because I feel like I want to eat something to keep my stomach from growling as my lunch is kept simple.

Maybe my mind is playing a trick on me, I don't know. Even at the gym, I try my best to put in effort in whatever machine I'm on or when I'm using the weights. I tell myself that if I want to look better, this is THE moment. This is THE time to make it right which then force me to do my best and go on the dreaded stair climber for 15 minutes as an additional cardio workout.

The result? I think my thighs look slimmer.

January 2012

May 2013
I don't know if you can see that well but don't you think my legs look slimmer? it time to thank the stair climber? haha..yes, that dreaded machine which I avoided for years at the gym.

I know you're thinking that hey, you're wearing black pants which obviously will cover the flaws. But I dunno, I just think they look slimmer and I'm gonna stick with that thought..ha! Anyway, it's not just that. I think I look better than the previous picture. Don't you think? Trying to psycho you..

Oh, this picture is very recent.

Okay I still need to work on those thighs and my overall body measure but I'm okay now as it looks more defined than the last time. I'm quite okay with wearing jeans now too which I totally dislike the last time because the heavy material of the jeans make my thighs look chunkier. Okay, it's still a love-hate relationship but you should see my thighs last time. My jeaans were only in men's size. Then again, I don't think you want to.

To me, it's still work in progress. I don't foresee myself being in size S. I just want to ensure I can fit clothes well without er..'stuffs' hanging out like the dreaded muffin top. I want a slimmer silhouette which is a matter of raising the self confidence bar..and not to attract guys. I like my single status :P

So yes, I still fee like sh*t when I look at other prettier and slimmer girls but I don't let those thoughts get me for long. Like pfft..mere seconds. Why? Because I know that I look good for myself and I don't need to measure myself up to them to see my standards. There is no one size fits all in this world.

 If you're like me trying to shed some weight to gain more self confidence and to be healthier, then good for you too! Don't do it for the guys. Do it for yourself because your health is your responsibility. Good luck!

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