Watching Your Mouth

I watched this Malay drama recently and that it has this moral story going on about watching your mouth such as watching what you say. While I think that it is, well, is pretty gross seeing the character with the bad mouth practically had her mouth all cramped including her hand like she got stroke. Then the next scene when she was at home and sleeping, she woke up vomitting and the surrounding of her mouth had really bad red ulcers.

All because she hasn't said the nice things to her siblings. Even after being reprimanded by her mother, she continued her badmouthing of others to the point of throwing money at her cash strapped brother whom she kept jabbering non stop prior to the sudden stroke calling him useless and why have a kid if he couldn't afford it..blah blah. She just wasn't happy that even though she sent her mother money, her mother used the money instead to help her other children who weren't in a good financial state unlike her who was living a rich life and who just scored a major project gig that would earn her $10 million. 

But her mother was fair. While yeah there are some mothers who may love one child more than another, like how I used to think about my mum treating my brother compared to me, this mother is absolutely fair. Whatever it is, which mother in general like to see her children suffer? If they can help, they will help even if it means giving away some of their life savings, in this case, the money she has saved up to go on a holy pilgrimage which require a few thousand dollars. 

God is fair too. He sees both our good deeds and our bad deeds and He obviously sees her bad deed when she got the sudden stroke and a rotten mouth, literally, because she once cursed her sister to have a rotten mouth, who was being sarcastic to her in a bid to make her realize what a nasty person she is.

While I think the story was a bit far fetched, I wouldn't rule out the possibility plus it got me thinking. 

You know, there are all kinds of people in this world. Many of them are generally nice,'s true in case you think I'm delusional, but there are others who of course choose to say nasty things or say things to hurt you. That or being ungrateful when here you are trying to help them but when they're unsatisfied with your help or simply refuse to listen because they think they're right, and they turn nasty.

Of course we can all wish that people will be more kind and humble in general but don't bet on it. We're human beings with flaws and if some people choose to be nasty, take the chill pill instead of fighting fire with fire because at the end of it, we end up being just as nasty as them. We're not them. We're just doing our job and in this line where we have to give our best customer service, if they're not satisfied because they don't get what they want and they say nasty things on purpose, then let them. Like I said, we're just doing our job and we must continue to do a good job.

It's true that we have to be nice and kind to other people but not everybody can be like that because they choose to be in that state. We can only wish all the best to them because seriously, if we can't afford to be nice and kind, there's no way good things will come our way. 

I can rant all day long about my own nasty encounter, including one earlier phone call, of whom one caller asked a ridiculous question and how she refuses to listen because she just want to get that one answer which I don't think I can comment on. She's obviously not doing the right thing but does she want to know about it? No. Here I am trying to explain but she's not getting any of it. I just had to refer her to call the Ministry because I'm not going to get myself into trouble with my unsupported comments but she ended up being all sarcastic when she tried to end the call. 

Of course, I tried to keep my cool, read: tried, and yah I did get rather flustered, but I tell myself calmly, I am not letting her be the boss of me. I believe I am right in trying to educate her by giving her the right answers but she CHOSE not to listen and she CHOSE to believe in hear say from people who obviously are giving her a false impression. Do I beat myself up over it? No. It made me angry, yes, but I tried to help and if she doesn't appreciate it, too bad.

I understand some people should have a taste of their own medicine but I think the situation should be handled more tactfully rather than trying to make it worse. I believe the situation can have a some sort of an amicable end by simply apologizing, thanking them for the feedback and say a polite my bid to just end the stupid conversation because I certainly don't want to drag the all ready unpleasant situation.

I've got this colleague who can be all helpful and calm when answering questions but when she gets encounters from nasty people, unfortunately, she turns nasty too and she will say things that honestly make us cringe and make the already nasty people, even more nasty in their words. My other colleague tried to help but I guess she was in a bad mood that she didn't want to accept our help or suggestion and she prefers doing things on her own terms. 

Sometimes I get rather flustered with her but instead of choosing to say nasty things, which I believe I am capable of but I manage to get it under control. I just mince my words and say why don't you ask my manager because I've offered my suggestions already or simply ignore her and don't let her attitude get me.

At the end of it, we must remember that if we can change the situation, we change it. Otherwise, we just try not to make it any more worse. Then we must learn to change our attitude because seriously, what do we hope to get from being nasty. Sure we can get our way easily but sooner or later, we will get played out and we taste our own bitter medicine because remember, the world is round.

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