Sunday, May 05, 2013

Things Are Looking Up...So Up!!

I've decided to follow what I preach and boy, don't I ever look back! I've decided to take on a new strategy to tackle on my shop. I believe that if you want something badly, like getting orders to share my love of paper crafting while at the same time, provide an additional source of income for me and my family. It's not a matter of getting a high sales figure or to gain popularity. That will be great but it's not my main motivation.

I will continue to walk this path, despite the setbacks I encountered earlier, which made me want to almost give up. I am not beaten down. If they are really not keen on paying, despite my reminder, I will just sell their order online because I am sure other parties would be keen. I don't want to lose money just like that. I will give them another week's grace before I sell next Saturday. If they want, they will have to pay first BEFORE I make the goods.

Somehow, I seem to get ideas when I step into the shower, haha. Do you get that too? Then most of the time, I will act on them. So now, my new strategy is to sell items in the shop rather than just waiting for people to make custom orders with me. I will also give discounts, without of course losing money, to entice them to buy more from me. I have been doing that but now, I would want to sell other items besides cards like notebooks, bookmarks and mini cards like the ones below. They're fun to make. If people don't buy them, I'll just give them away at the end of the month or have a clearance sales *LOL*

Without the advice of my friends, I would have just totally take my online shop offline as I couldn't deal with being stagnant anymore. I guess I have been a little impatient with my progress. But no more of that crap! Like what my friend said, Rome wasn't built in one day. The popular social enterprise whose owner started off selling handmade cards took 4 years before she got her big break and here I am whining when my online shop is barely 1 year.

So lesson of the day?

Be patient, continue to work hard and be innovative, don't let setbacks ruin your moments and you will reap the rewards. Like how I am going to get an order of 1 birthday card, 3 mothers' day cards and 3 fathers' day cards.


So if those buggers don't want to pay up, it's ok. Other people want my business. Okay, better get moving and make more products for my shop! *excited*

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