Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bella Box for May 2013 - I like!

Finally in my Bella Box ever since I subscribed in March, I got a perfume vial!!

Plus not one but TWO make up items which is the Model Co lipgloss and eye pencil. I'm all for make up but I'm also okay with the face items like moisturizer and the serum from last month. I mean, even though they're just sample packs but one need those sample packs just to get that nice looking skin, well at least temporarily..ha! I used up the Nuxe moisturizer pretty fast and I'll talk about other sample face products that I got from last month which I would say..they're pretty good!

So here are the goodies from the May Bella Box.

I really like the Cannes theme. Okay, fine I really like the goodies inside. Oh, plus more face products such as a facial mask. Now I am trying to weave the habit of putting on a facial mask one of the days. I want to look forever youthful. Uhm, okay maybe it's a far fetched idea but at least I have to put up less with people saying I look older for my age. Come to think of it, people don't really say that to me but hey, preparation is key.

Oh, I like the Model Co lip gloss and it's in a neutral shade which is, but still, I can't complain because that lip gloss is in a freaking full size! Plus I really like the scent of the Lanvin Me perfume. I honestly don't own expensive perfume for that very reason, it's expensive. I know that if you want to smell good, you gotta spend a little bit of money on it. But I just think here in Singapore, they really hike up the price and you really have to find a good wholesaler who sells such designer perfume at a fraction of a price. For now, I don't need to because I got a couple of vials from a friend recently which I shall also blog about at a  later time.

There are other such beauty boxes but what you get is really at random so you can't get mad at them. Sometimes, perseverance pays off like myself finally getting a perfume vial.

I'm not sure if I will continue with this because I just want to check out the hype behind this. Plus, I like getting sample products although I prefer getting them free because I'm a free loader like that.

Anyone else got their Bella Box and is happy with the content? ;)

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