Tying the String Purse into A Bow

I am officially 'broke' this month although, it's a good thing that I have some orders coming in from my online store..with just one mere seconds ago as I am typing this blog post out. Yay! But I made some orders as well. Er, nay? But no no..I need them for my monthly card order and they sell cheaper here and they are versatile enough for a variety of other projects as well. In other words, I have to save some coins for little expenses like this..haha.

Empty Purse (photo credit: daily mail.co.uk)

Oh yes, where was I . Yes, Rahayu Popz is 'broke' and the quotes mean that yes, technically I still have money and I have some orders which means coming in as well. But there are stuffs that I have to pay and I've delayed the payments and before I suffer from the backlash, I would rather pay. Hence, the reason why I have to tie the string purse.

Plus, this month we are celebrating Mother's Day because two days ago, my mother complained I never did anything on this day like I treat it as though it's some other ordinary day. Oops, my bad. It's not that I don't like celebrating it but my mum is so fussy like everything doesn't seem right and plus, I don't earn that much to be able to buy her dinner like in some fancy restaurant. Yes, I know that it doesn't have to be a fancy restaurant but still, haiyah blame it on me then. I can be rather calculating with my money, which I know is a bad habit, but because I don't want to be as broke as the last time when I had to look for loose coins around the house or trying to patch up two pieces of a broken $2.00 note. Although even now I have my broke moments, I have not been that broke before and it scares me to bits and pieces.

This time, I've got no excuse. With some money that I have made from my online shop sales and an increase in pay, this year I decided to do something special though yes I still do feel that 'pang' in my heart when I saw the final price..haha. I tried my best to get the best value of price without resorting to eating only the bare minimum from Pizza Hut.

But I can't deny that being a mum, she isn't this calculative with us even though she's not working and she only have me as the main breadwinner as my brother is still schooling. So for this special occasion, I shall just close one eye..haha.

Oh, plus I thought that since for the last two months, I have been spending a wee bit more on my hobby, though today's purchases are not counted because I got my pay today..haha. In other words, I am keeping my promise to buy ONLY during pay day and if I have to buy on other days, it has to be cheaper than cheap..er..I don't know if that sounds logical to you..if I can't get it at a regular scrapbooking supplies store and if it's on my wish list.

photo credit: http://www.sgcny.com/holidaywishlist/

I need to start using existing supplies more because it's er, the pile is getting scarier so much so I need to put a stop to it. I have also minimized my make up buys precisely for this reason too, unless it's one of those 'I gotta have this..no thanks to the you tube beauty gurus'..haha.

Oh yes, did I mention this month is also my brother's birthday? I started buying for him cakes, I think like two years ago only...after stopping for quite awhile. Even then it's either my mother forced me or she said she would pay half. Reason being, my budget which is so tight already, didn't permit me to do so. So this month, I have to work extra hard to find new ideas for my online shop so that I get people interested in my products and hopefully it will translate to more sales.

That's part of my wish list too.

I believe things will get better for me. Generally, in life you can't always get what you want. So the way to lead your life is to make the best of each and every situation, constantly try to improve the undesirable situation to get your well deserved happiness. However, if you can't change it, at least know you have tried your best and there are other better options too.

Just don't give up because you will be duly rewarded after that :)

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