Honouring Their Words - My Business Dilemma

I had been excited making notebook covers up to last Monday but unfortunately, I haven't been paid for it and the notebooks are sitting near my laptop. I was supposed to earn about $29 but I didn't get a single cent yet. They should honour their words when they say they would pay. I know I shouldn't focus on the sales part and just continue to do what I love, which sometimes take me through the wee hours, but I'm a small fry. I even went to Tiong Bahru mrt station twice, one with a no show, and the other one where she showed up but made me come out of the exit gate which means I have to pay new fare when I come in again. All this to get $10, it's like a complete waste of my time.

But why do I do this? I've read of success stories where they cycle to the shipping docks to deliver shipping supplies like towels etc or of delivery of one pen to an office nearby and look at where they are now. They are successful millionaires who also become philanthropists. Of course I'm not seeking to reach that stage but it's their determination to overcome obstacles and make their business successful. Who knows, my next few orders will bring in even more money than the unpaid $29.00. 


Is this how I celebrate my Labour Day in the morning?

I wish things will get better. Probably I'll take these as stepping stones in a sense that I will NOT get it started until I receive the money first, which honestly was in my terms and conditions and which of course, I did not follow and got myself in this situations. I shouldn't be too nice. Plus, the next step is to get the contact number of the person if I am going to meet up including getting a down payment.

If I want to be successful, I have to lay down these ground rules. There are all sorts of customers out there, including the fussy and complaining sorts and hello I am living in Singapore, but the best thing to do is to deal with them. Be upfront and know your rights as a business owner. Don't let them be the boss of me.

So yah, I want to be a good businesswoman but I don't want to play too nice either. Make it work for both sides :)

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